Monday, December 17, 2012

Breathing Treatments

I called our pediatrician 1st thing this morning to fill her in on Drake's symptoms and find out our next step. She told me to start his breathing treatments with the albuterol every 4 hours and to monitor him closely. She does not want us to bring him in unless he starts running a fever, which thankfully he has not. The breathing treatments do seem to be helping, and he is coughing much less than he was before. It breaks my heart to see him feeling bad, and it broke his nurse's heart today, too.

He has been resting today and getting lots of snuggle time in with his nurse, Gran and me. Don't worry, Kennedy has not been left out...she has been getting her snuggle time in, too. I'm so glad that we have Drake's nurse here during the day to help monitor and check his vital signs. At one point, I put her on the phone with our nurse at the pediatrician's office.

I really do think that Drake showed some improvement today and I pray that with more rest and continued breathing treatments he will be back to himself soon.

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  1. Brian's little mini me :)
    Joe, Rozy and even our Uncle that came to visit this weekend had allergies flaring up, so I am praying our little man clears up soon.