Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ride Continues

As I sit here writing this blog, I reflect back on all that has happened over the last 23 days here in the NICU. Wow...that pretty much sums it up. They say we're going to be here until at least mid September...and everyone keeps saying it will continue to be a roller coaster ride. What a ride we have already been on! We hope and pray that we started with the worst ride in the theme park and all that are left are the "Kiddie Rides".

Drake and Kennedy are definitely celebrities at the NICU, Drake is a record holder here for longest to hold their bladder (7 days). Kennedy is his cheerleader, every time we look at her she is waving her hands in the air.

Tomorrows roller coaster will begin with X-rays of Drake's knee. It is extremely swollen and badly bruised. The doctors were telling me that one of the risks and side affects of the diuretics is calcium loss which could make their bones brittle. They are worried that he might have a fracture in his little knee. All the heel pricks they do for blood work, four times per day, result in them bending their little legs up to get the blood. They were telling me stories of some that fractured their foots with light touching. This would be adding so much more stress to an already traumatized little boy. If it is fractured or broken he would have to have a splint on it until it heals. My heart absolutely breaks to think he would have a fractured knee or bone. I will be praying extra hard that the X-ray comes back negative, please join me in doing the same.

He is still continuing to produce really good amounts of urine and it is over the minimum they would like to see. As I mentioned earlier, the fight he must put up will continue. They are continually watching his electrolyte levels; some are rising some are falling, give him this, take away that. It's a never ending process with his blood work and medicine changes. Please continue too pray that his kidneys are not too damaged and they continue to function when they begin to ween him off of the diuretics.

Kennedy is doing well and resting from her continued feedings...2# 10oz now! The nurse just called me over to see a first for Kennedy...She was sucking on her thumb. She is absolutely adorable and has completely melted herself into my heart. She can have a bit of an attitude at times, but she quickly makes you forget about that when she looks you in the eyes. She is beautiful!

Picture: It is dark, but Kennedy is sucking her thumb and enjoying her evening.


  1. Awesome news on the progress of the little fighters. Keep the faith and know that lots of people are pulling for you.


  2. May His peace surround you!

  3. She is getting so big! Cheerleading thumbsuckers are dear to my heart, since my 6yo daughter Mav is one...picked up the habit in the womb and has yet to give it up!

    Drake is a power house! He just keeps going...he must already be listening to his mommy and daddy--keep moving forward!

    I continue to pray for our Fathers healing grace and comfort over your beautiful children. Prayers are said for the two if you also, for peace and restoration if mind. What the two if you have demonstrated is sheer character of believers-- it is hard to keep the momentum when things are coming from all sides--glory be to God, bc the two if you some how find the strength--amazing, just like your kiddos.

    I rebuke the notion of anything but negative results on xray tomorrow, and also the notion of further kidney failure. GO DRAKE--KEEP IT UP BUBBY!

    I confirm the growth and continued progress in the health of Kennedy. She is a beautiful precious girl. GO KENNEDY--KEEP IT UP SISSY!

  4. Good night you two precious babies :). Baby Bennett says he can't wait to have his little lake buddies home where they belong! May His love continue to surround you, strengthen you, and protect you.

  5. Attitude?! I don't know what you're talking about, dad?!?! Haha- she already has you wrapped around that tiny little finger!

  6. Sucking her thumb!!! Okay, Brian, you have to get a better picture next time that happens. I enlarged the picture to cover my entire screen, and I still can't see that thumb in her mouth. Way to grow, Kennedy! 2lb.10oz. It won't be long until you starts having those cute little rolls on your legs. Then Mommy will have to get some of those adorable bubble suits to put you in to show them off.
    Prayers of thanks for Drake's ability to push forward and fill up the catheter tube. I join with you in praying for negative results on Drakes little knee. I pray that in all of Drake's challenges, even though he so tiny, that he will feel not only your and Annie's comfort, but that he will experience the presence and peace of His heavenly Father resting on him. I truly believe God will do that and does that and can bring His comfort in ways we can't imagine. The Bible tells us how much He loves little children. God bless you little Drake and Kennedy. He has already done so much in you and through you, and we anxiously look for many more miracles. All of us are better because of you two little ones. Brian and Annie, prayers continue for you. I hope that poem that was sent earlier to you today was helpful. It spoke to me as well. Praying you have another restful night and experience that same comfort and peace. Much love!

  7. Prayers for Kennedy's continued growth and Drake's healing!

  8. Thank you Jesus for all you are doing with these two little ones. Go Drake and Kennedy!!!

  9. Continuing to pray for Drake's and Kennedy's health and for you two to get the rest all new parents need.

  10. September must seem like a long rollar coaster ride away. I pray for small victories and lots of hope and joy every day, as well as the strength to persevere. I will also join you in prayer for Drake's knee.

  11. I continue to pray for these awesome kids daily. All these small victories amount to big things! You're kids are amazing and they are so blessed to have you both as parents! Love the sweet picture! Continues blessings for Drake and Kennedy!
    Katie Ogrodnik

  12. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday and keeping up with the progress of Drake & Kennedy. You and Annie are good Christian's and will raise your children in a Christian environment ... God knows we need more parents like you. I have faith Drake and Kennedy will continue to develop and grow through God's will. Praying for these precious babies regularly and for their families.
    Bonnie Stewart (friend of Aaron & Meredith)