Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's Good To Be Home!

Just as I suspected, being away from home was a mixture of emotions for me. Learning to let go and allow others to step in is difficult, but I know it's good for everyone involved. Face-timing with my sweet family was definitely a highlight to my trip! 

I had a wonderful trip to Florida, and my days were completely filled with presentations. During the Scientific Symposium, we heard from world-renowned doctors who spoke about the research and science behind our products! I absolutely loved learning about case studies and clinical trials! Our keynote speaker was John C. Maxwell, and he was as outstanding as I anticipated! I was also able to meet team members in person who I have only known through technology thus far. We live in different parts of the country, but we all share a passion for helping others! I know that I met some lifelong friends this weekend, and I am thankful for this experience! I'm looking forward to being able to bring my own family along on future trips! 

Today we took a cold and rainy trip to Dallas to see Drake's neurologist. When Drake actually tracked the doctor's light for the first time ever, it was easy to see the excitement on his face! I told his doctor that I have been giving him nutraceutical  supplements for the past 8 months. He was curious and pleased; therefore, we have been instructed to continue with what we are doing! 

Kennedy is improving in both dance class and gymnastics! She's been doing well in gymnastics for a while, but in dance class she has been a hot mess. To my surprise, I'm happy to say that she has appeared to be doing the actual dances the past two weeks. She even bravely volunteered for her and her friend to dance in front of the entire class! I love her confidence! 

Hayes (our happy boy) is smiling, laughing, rolling, and just making our lives more enjoyable. His easy-going spirit is the perfect fit for our family, and our crazy life. He adores watching both Drake and Kennedy.

It was good to get away, but my heart is happy to be back home!


Sweet boys!

Happy boy!

Hanging out with daddy!

Walking around the house!

Hanging out with Drakey!

She found a lizard! 

Sound asleep! 

Fun at my convention! 

Some of my amazing team members being honored! 

Just a few of our amazing leaders! 

So very proud of my cousin being recognized for her hard work and dedication! I will forever be grateful to her for introducing us to these products & the company! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Excited & Anxious

Even though allergies from this early spring weather have been wreaking havoc on our household, everyone seems to be improving...despite the sneezes. We even went on a beautiful walk today down to the lake. Brian made it home safely from his Orlando business trip, and ironically I leave tomorrow for mine. I still can't believe we are traveling to the same destination one week apart. We've been talking about how we need to plan a real vacation together sometime in our future! 

I'm currently mixture of two colliding emotions...a combination of the excitement and anticipation of a Christmas morning on the horizon mixed with the apprehension and nervousness of a first day at a new school. I am very excited to be traveling to Orlando tomorrow with Kyani! However, as thrilled as I am to have this opportunity to learn and grow with my business, I am anxious about leaving my family. We are always together...unless Drake is in the hospital, but even then, I am still with him or Kennedy and Hayes. Being away from all three of them is what makes me feel a bit anxious, and of course I will miss Brian, too. Another cause for the rise to my anxiety is that we have a new night nurse starting on Saturday night while I'm out of town. *Yikes!* Anytime we have a new nurse, I like to make sure that they feel comfortable with Drake, the equipment, his schedule, medications, treatments, ect...Our day nurse has assured me she will go over everything with our new nurse at shift change, and Brian will be home to answer any questions and check in on everything. I know everyone will be in good hands with Brian there and Mimi coming to help!

Drake will be continuing his regular therapy schedule while I am out of town, and I am already looking forward to updates, pictures and FaceTime chats! 

I'm so in love with my little Valentines! 

Cutie pie!

Oh, what these allergies do to our household!

On the move!

It's a hard knock life!

Just a little ice cream outside in February!

Cupcakes for Valentine's Day!

Fishing with daddy!

A little play time for the boys!

Snuggles with my Drakey! 

All prepped for my night nurse duty!

Kennedy did wonderful at dance class on Monday!


One cool little dude!

The great outdoors!

Swinging with mommy!

Round and round we go...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stressful Days

Since my last post, Drake has not been himself. Anytime Drake is not feeling or acting like himself, I am in a constant state of stress...not panicked, just stressed. He began requiring oxygen support on Wednesday and the support increased each day. Our fears of the possibility that the support needed would reach levels greater than we can provide at home had definitely started. Preliminary calls were made to let family know to please be "on-call" in case we needed them. Brian was stressing in Florida because he is out of town on his annual business trip. It was exactly 2 years ago that Brian had to fly home early from Florida because Drake was in the PICU and we were preparing for his trach surgery. Wow! I can't believe it's been two years.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I contacted our pulmonologist and he has us make some vent changes to provide more support and begin Drake on a round of inhaled antibiotics. I'm happy to say that he is improving! Yesterday we were able to wean him down to 1L of oxygen support, and today he has been off of oxygen completely! We will slowly work up to his time off of the vent again, and eventually we will get him back where he was before RSV hit. 

Kennedy and I went for pedicures on Friday with one of her sweet little friends. When we got home she said, "I love my toenails painted!" She was excited to show her daddy as soon as he walked in from work. It's good for Kennedy to have fun outings with her friends, and I'm sure it is good for me, too. After gymnastics last week, we all (everyone in her class) went to lunch at Chick-fil-a! 

Hayes turned 4 months old and did excellent at the pediatrician! He was 24.5" (30th percentile for height) and 13# 3.5oz (7th percentile for weight). We were given a referral to Cranial Technology in Dallas for a plagiocephaly (flat head) evaluation. He may need a helmet like Drake and Kennedy, but his flatness really isn't bad so we'll see what they say...and what insurance says. He was such a happy boy until the shots, and he seemed like his feelings were hurt the most. Thankfully he didn't cry for very long and he was back to smiling again once we were at the car!

Today I had another stressful day...a scary day! When I went on a run in our neighborhood with Riot, a car with two males stopped in the middle of the road. I crossed the road to be farther away from them and they began reversing staying right with me. I pulled out my cell phone and one of the guys got out of the car and started coming towards me. I took off running with Riot in the opposite direction calling our neighborhood security along the way. Thankfully another car finally drove by, too. We finished our run, even though I was completely terrified the entire time. In my mind I was constantly choosing neighboring houses to run to for sanctuary in case the car showed back up. 

As stressful as this past week has been, and especially today, I will not give in to fear. I will continue to be hyper vigilant of my surroundings and take extra precautions. 

Goodnight kisses!

She loves her brothers!

After his 4 month check-up

Dancing with Hayes during Half Time of the Super Bowl

Everyone working on the mat together

Practicing her letters

He's too much!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Best Laid Plans

The thing about having a plan is that sometimes one little mistake can turn the whole thing on its head. Yes, that is exactly what happened today. Drake had two appointments in Dallas at Scottish Rite. Mimi met us along the way for our usual transfer of kids. Once she intercepted Kennedy and Hayes, we drove on to the hospital with Drake. Everything was going smoothly. Technology is amazing...most of the time; however, today it didn't help us at all. My new car has the push button start and the key just has to be in or near the driver. I keep my key in the diaper bag b/c that's something that is always with me. You can probably see where this is going...the diaper bag left the car with Hayes when Mimi picked him up. My car allowed me to continue driving without the key in the vehicle; however, once we reached our destination, we were stranded. Thank goodness that Mimi came to our rescue! I think it's time to start carrying a purse again. 

On a brighter note, Drake's appointment with the orthopedist went well. At these appointments they monitor his right knee, hips and spine. We are aware that eventually surgery will be necessary to correct some issues, but for now monitoring is all that is needed. Drake's lungs were very junky today and he required tons of suctioning. While I'm thankful this is not his norm, it made for a much more challenging day trip. 

We're hoping this junkiness is allergy related and doesn't develop into anything more. We have been enjoying the beautiful spring like weather and spending as much time outside as possible...which could definitely be a contributing factor. This constant yo-yo weather is hard on everyone, and especially challenging for kiddos like our Drake. It's a catch 22 though because it is also very good for him to get outside. This weather was perfect for walking and playing at our neighborhood park this weekend with Harper! I loved watching the girls play together! That is something we need to do more often. 

Our next Dallas appointment will be to Drake's neurologist. I've definitely learned from this mistake & won't be getting us stranded again...hopefully! 

Loving the outdoors!

Tummy Time! This little rock star rolled over!!! The best part is that he did it in the evening when daddy was home to witness this milestone with us!

Park fun...isn't it supposed to be winter?! 

Pushing the swing for Harper!

The boys enjoying the Merry-go-round.

My sweet baby!

Hang on tight girls!

Pretending to paint Drake's nails. He's such a good sport!

Ready to hit the road!

Hanging out at Scottish Rite.

Daddy & Hayes

***FLASHBACK ***Daddy & Drake!