Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Keeping Warm & Dry…

Brrr…Winter has finally hit and we are keeping our family warm and dry. We even had a pajama day on Saturday…well, all of us except for daddy (he had to work), but he joined us as soon as he arrived back home! Cold temperatures and constant drizzly rain seemed like the perfect combination for footed pajamas! The really funny thing is that Drake is such a hot natured kid; he always looks dressed for summer while the rest of us are ready for a full blizzard to hit! 

We attended our first official Christmas Parade in Downtown Tyler with Kennedy and Hayes! 
Kennedy said, “I’ve never been to a parade before!” I’m pretty sure her favorite part was the candy being thrown by some of the floats. It’s hard to find a candy she doesn’t like! Hayes we mesmerized by all of the sights, sounds and people to watch. It was quite convenient that it was right up the street from the brewery. We just put the kids in the stroller and headed out on a short walk to see the festivities. 

Last weekend we decorated the tree and this past weekend we (Brian, Kennedy & I) decorated our very 1st Gingerbread House! We had a great time and this just might have to become a yearly tradition. Kennedy’s favorite part was (big surprise) snacking on the icing and candy! Hayes was in the general vicinity busy playing with pots and pans, while Drake was moving all over in his gait trainer. Things may be crazy busy right now getting the business ready to open (and I do mean CRAZY busy), but finding the time for little family activities is always well worth the effort! 

Downtown Christmas Parade!

Silly boys!

Getting a better view!

A little snap chat fun! Love this sleeping boy!

My entertainment while cooking dinner!

Wrestling with daddy is a favorite around our house!

Someone joined big sister at her table!

Our 1st Gingerbread House!

Little man playing

Just hanging out for a breathing treatment!

Exploring in Drake's room!

Our Christmas Tree at the Brewery!

Our Sign is Up!!!