Friday, May 31, 2013

Kennedy's Big Day

Drake began today with his occupational therapy at 8am followed by hanging out with our dear friend, Meredith, while we went to our local Brookshire's with Kennedy. Today was her big check presentation for the Brookshire's Baby Contest. $10,000...not bad for an 11 month old baby! This is a great jump start on her future college days. 

This was more than just a check presentation for Kennedy. Today was her first time inside of a grocery store. Wow! There were so many colorful things for her to see inside. I'm glad Brian was holding her because the thought of me holding her in a public grocery store would have had me trembling in fear. Our little angel was on her best behavior during her Brookshire's visit. The truth is we are very lucky because she is a wonderful baby who is always on good behavior. 

Also this week, Kennedy graduated from Cranial Technologies and her helmet! Yea, Kennedy! 

Brian watched the babies for me this afternoon while I visited my old school. This was a wonderful visit for me! Last year I left for a doctor's appointment and was never able to return from my bed rest. One year later,  I couldn't believe how much they had grown! So many of them are taller than me now! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Working Order

We had a fun and relaxing Memorial Weekend at home! We took a stroll down to the Lake Palestine Palooza with Drake and Kennedy. We didn't stay very long because we didn't want the babies to get over heated, but it was fun seeing everyone and getting out in the "real world." Drake and Kennedy acted like they were pros at getting out and about. One would think they do it all the time. 

Drake and Kennedy also spent some time down on the boat dock this Memorial Weekend. I think it was good for all of us to spend some time outdoors. Sunday evening we enjoyed a fish fry with our friends, and it felt like old times...good times. 

Today Drake and Kennedy had an appointment in Tyler this morning and Drake had an appointment this afternoon in Dallas with his ENT. This morning we checked their iron levels (which were both great). Our ENT visit brought with it more good news! Drake still has laryngomalacia which causes his noisy breathing, but it has improved greatly since our last visit. Also, both of his vocal chords are moving! That's right...his paralyzed right vocal chord is now moving! He still doesn't make much sound, but the ENT believes this will improve with time. He has never had the ability to make noise his entire life, so he will need some practice and time before he is able to do this.

If Time, Patience & Practice is what he needs, that is exactly what he will get. Along with plenty of love and encouragement, of course! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Weekend

It's Friday and our entire family is home safe and sound all together for a nice long Memorial Day weekend. Even Uncle Matt came in for the weekend, too! After all of our travels this week, we are ready to enjoy and nice quiet weekend at home. 

Kennedy did a great job at the Brookshire's photo shoot! They told me to schedule from 9am-1pm to ensure the baby would cooperate. Little Miss Kennedy was like a pro. We showed up at 9am, they did introductions and chose outfits before we began. I believe we started around 9:30am and we were finished (4 outfits later) by 10:30am. Everyone was very impressed with Kennedy. 

Last night I attended a get-together with some wonderful childhood/high school friends. I was even courageous enough to take Kennedy out with me. We both thoroughly enjoyed this much needed time out with friends. 

Great news! Drake is doing very well off of his oxygen! We still have it on hand at all times, but so far he is maintaining without us needing it. 

Tomorrow will be our first BIG family outing...we will be attending the 6th Lake Palestine Palooza benefitting Pets Fur People. Brian has worked the past 5 and I have worked the 1st 4 (bed rest prevented working last year for me). I am very excited about this public outing even though I am apprehensive on the inside. This will be a good outing for all of us! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girls' Trip

We had a little change in our plans. Due to the inclement weather, I cancelled the appointments Drake and Kennedy had for today and she and I headed home to Tyler. I'm very used to packing for Drake and checking/double checking to make sure we have everything and back ups for the day: feeding pump, pump charger, pump bag/extra bags, mickey button connectors, oxygen tank, extra tank, cannula, extra cannula, diaper bag, ect. I am not used to packing for only Kennedy. All we needed was a diaper bag, clothes & formula. It just seemed too easy...we must be forgetting something. 

Having only one baby with me today allowed me to accomplish many "to do" tasks here at home. It felt really good to mark a few things off of my list. I was planning on cooking dinner, but some of our best friends who live one street over invited us for dinner. It was wonderful having dinner with friends and being able to visit. It has been far too long since we have been able to enjoy a dinner with friends, and I very much miss our weekly dinners. 

Tomorrow morning is Kennedy's photo shoot for Brookshire's. They have us scheduled from 9am-1pm. I'm hoping it will not take that long or she will need a little nap during that time. She is a happy little girl and I have high hopes she will cooperate, but I am well aware that she is a baby and things may not go according to plan. Here's hoping for the best! 

We had a fun family weekend and Brian's dad, Papa, was here for a visit! Of course our weekends go by much too quickly, but we made the most of every minute. We took the babies down to the boat dock for the first time. Drake snoozed in the stroller for most of the adventure, but Kennedy was really enjoying the outdoors!