Saturday, July 14, 2012

Having What It Takes

"Keep the faith, never lose hope, continue moving forward" -Brian Gilstrap

Again waking up early this morning expecting to see the catheter filling up, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes to see there had not been any further progress. Though this is discouraging Drake woke up, looked me into the eyes and let me know he is still in the game.

The quote I wrote at the beginning of this blog entry is something I wrote last week, when Drake made his hastened descent in health. It is through this thought process that reminds me of my faith, fight, and determination and helps me remain the rock within this family.

The doctor has definitely shown her commitment to us and our babies. She has the "never give up" attitude as well. She talks about being up until midnight and up at four in the morning researching and reviewing all possibilities. They are increasing the amount of the "Old School" meds in hopes it will do the trick. She has ordered an ultrasound to see if the bladder is full...we are anxiously anticipating the results. It is the weekend, and it may be a little while before they get a team together. They are going to give Drake a tiny bit of milk in hopes of getting digestion going because the next step is a much more powerful diuretic that can only be taken orally. To me, this shows that the doctors really are exhausting all efforts.

Kennedy is still doing very well, continuing to increase feedings with favorable results. She is receiving another blood transfusion this morning, which was expected, but it has pushed back mommy's kangaroo time. Since she has been without sedation for several days now, we are beginning to see some of her personality. She is definitely mine and Annie's child...just a little feisty.

So as you read our story of this little blip of time within our lives, please keep praying, hoping and continuation of all the support you have for us. It is definitely working and means so much to Annie, myself and Team Drake & Kennedy!


  1. You are a precious family and your faith is inspiring! I don't know you but the Lord keeps me praying for you, especially for your little son Drake. Just as Jesus said that you can speak to the mountain to move, so you can speak to Drake's kidneys to start functioning again. Keep commanding them to work again in the name of Jesus Christ. That's what I am proclaiming with you for the last days. The Lord is with you all!

  2. Your faith, hope and strength to "keep moving forward" is a powerful things to watch. I pray God honors this in you and Annie. I pray God continues to give you strength and hope-allow him to be your Rock. I pray for a medical break through. I pray one day we would all look back on this and see God's fingerprints everywhere.

    God Bless you and your family,

  3. Team Drake! We are all here behind you little buddy and know you can keep going! Your strength and determination to keep going is so touching and has me so amazed at the beauty that is life. I appreciate each hour that goes by even more right now thanks to you as every moment we enjoy in life is a blessing.

    God has truly shown he loves this little family with his unending love. He continues to provide everyone the strength to make it through these times right now, and is watching over all of you every moment, every breath, every blink of an eye, he is with all of you and holding you in his loving embrace.

    I continue to pray as everyone else reading this blog has been doing, following along the wonderful story of Drake and Kennedy's entry into this world, and as time goes on, I can't wait to see these two beautiful babies grow up into toddlers, then kids, then eventually adults and seeing the great and wonderful things they will do that will change the world even more so then they are doing now in the short time they have been with us.

    God, please keep watching over tiny Drake and Kennedy, healing their little bodies, touching them with your love, and holding them in your embrace. Please keep protecting them from harm and watching over them with your guardian angels, so that they can grow into the wonderful people you have already seen them to be in the future. Please continue to give strength to Brian and Annie, to keep going in this very trying time, and give them peace knowing that you have everything under control, in your great plan, and that they need to trust you right now with everything. Please continue to give strength and wisdom to the medical team watching over our two precious babies, helping them to take great care of them, finding more and more ways to help them through the rough spots, and celebrating the smooth patches. Thank you for every hour that these two precious children have been with us and the many more years to come that they will be around. Most of all, thank you for sending your son Jesus to pay for our sins and wash us clean, and accepting Drake and Kennedy as your children as well. We love and trust you God with Drake and Kennedy, Brian and Annie, George and Janice, and everyone else praying for and watching over our two precious children.

    Keep hanging in there Drake, never give up, and know we all love you and can't wait to see you well so we can all visit you and shower you with all of our love!

  4. Dear Drake and Kennedy,

    I think of you all the time. I pray for you so many times a day that sometimes I feel like a broken record, but I don't stop. I look at my kids and ask God to bless you two like he has blessed them. You deserve health, love, opportunity, and time. Your existence alone is a blessing and a miracle, but God didn't create you to merely exist. There's a life to live and it looks like your brand of living is on the edge. Whew. That's ok but it sure is hard for those of us who love you (especially your family!).

    Live big (and long!) sweet babies. I'm so thankful for you and I pray every day that you grow and thrive.

    your mom's friend Sarah

  5. I feel like I should be coming up with words of comfort for you, but instead your words comfort me...thank you Brian and Annie, you are exactly what your family--and oddly enough all the strangers that are following this living blog--need.

    Drake: you were made in God's perfect image and you show me every day what is worth the fight. you are so amazing

    Kennedy : you are God's light and you hold it steady to help your mommy and daddy and bubby. You are so super.

  6. Lord, let your glory fall down on this family... strengthen them, unite them, fortify them... most of all whip Drake's kidneys into shape!

    all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed, Lord let it be so!


  7. The Mullis family is praying for you all every day. Especially our kids. Each of you is an inspiration.

  8. We are praying, asking for prayers as we know God has big plans for Drake and Kennedy. Love to you all!!

    Paul & Kelley

  9. Baby steps! Drake and Kennedy are taking them! And that's all it takes to climb a mountain! Can't wait to see those sweet babies at the top! Keep fighting, keep believing and most of all KEEP THE FAITH! Always praying for ur family!

  10. Being away from the Internet last night I texted a friend first thing this morning to check on the babies. I was so thrilled to hear the news for Drake. We are continuing prayers for all of you every day! Stay strong little fighters!

    Yvonne and Syd

  11. 1 Timothy 6:12 says "Fight the good fight of faith."....
    This is what your amazing family has been doing for the past 3 weeks. You are continually fighting the good fight of faith. One of my favorite songs is by the group 4 Him. It is called "Where There Is Faith". The chorus of the song says "Where there is faith, there is a voice calling, keep walking, you're not alone in this world. Where there is faith, there is a peace like a child sleeping, hope ever lasting in He who is able to bear every burden, to heal every hurt in my heart. It is a wonderful powerful place, where there is faith."
    This song always reminds me of how awesome our God is. He knows your pain, your fears, your prayers, your hopes, your dreams, and your needs. He is with you. You are not alone. Try to take comfort in the fact that we are fighting the good fight of faith beside you, Annie, Drake, & Kennedy!