Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Testimonial

As a stay-at-home mom, I have been approach by MANY different people for a variety of MLM companies. There wasn't anything that I truly believed in and felt a passion for until I tried Kyani...the products, the founders, the charitable giving, and the business! There is a reason Brian, myself, our kids, and both sides of our families are all taking these products daily. I now get the best sleep of my life and I'm full of energy! The difference it has made in both Brian & Drake's bloodwork is enough to cause celebration for our family! 

Not only are we improving our lives, but through the Kyani Caring Hands program, we are a part of helping others in need! This program is near and dear to my heart, and our family personally contributes each month. This program gives distributors and customers the opportunity to give back. With as little as $25, we can provide a meal for a family of 5 or feed one child for an entire week! Each Potato Pak is fortified with nutrition! Our company has already built a much needed school in the community of Galte Paccha, Ecuador. Before this school was built, children had to walk two hours each day to attend school in a neighboring village. This is just one of the many projects taking place through Caring Hands. The best part is that ALL donations not only help those in need but are also TAX Deductible! Please consider donating at

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Very Long Day...

Today was a vent clinic day, which always begins extra early. Packing, loading, driving, meeting up with Mimi, ect...The clinic was very busy today and we were there for 4hrs! Two hours driving there, four hours at Our Children's House, and two hours driving home. That was 8hrs which did not include packing, loading, unloading, reloading...basically it was a long day, but we survived and all 3 kids did great! Drake had another wonderful report with a clear X-ray and perfect blood-work! We are thankful that his supplements have made such a difference with his numbers! Anything we can do that helps our little man is well worth it! 

Kennedy went on a fun play date to our local I-Jump! This was our first time to visit an I-Jump and we had a really great time! She was hesitant at first to join in, but eventually warmed up and had a great time! Ever since Drake's last hospital stay, she has been having some separation anxiety issues. I'm sure this will pass with a little time, but for the moment it is hard to see her shying away from things that she enjoys.  

Hayes is growing and making wonderful progress with tummy time! He is such a happy baby! The lord knew just what he has doing when he sent this sweet addition to complete our family! Our weekend night nurse has been out sick; therefore, mommy has been night nurse. We have had wonderful coverage with our full staff of nurses since Hayes was born, and I had forgotten what it was like to wear my mommy hat all day and my "mommy nurse" hat all night. Thankfully, Lisa came in early to help out and Lindsey even picked up a night shift so that I could get some sleep before our long day in Dallas. I count my blessings every day for our "village" that help to build, mold, and care for our children. 

The happiest boy ever!

Another great visit at our dentist, Dr Boozer! 

Their staff does a wonderful job with Drake! I highly recommend them for all children! 

A little I-Jump fun!


Mr Serious on tummy time!

Napping like an angel! 

Enjoying the 70* weather!

She can finally reach the peddles!

Fun with cousins! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Road to Recovery

Drake is making great progress in his road to recovery following our most recent hospital stay. Of course he isn't able to be off of his vent all day long yet, but I'm very pleased with how quickly we were able to wean him from his oxygen support and begin time off of the vent. Kennedy and Hayes are both healthy again, too! That alone gently lifts the stress level within our household. 

Over the weekend Kennedy & Hayes watched from the safety of the garage as mommy  & daddy took down a dead pine tree. Hopefully this is the last one we will lose to the deadly pine beetles. On Sunday Kennedy spent the day at home with daddy and Drake while Hayes traveled with me to McKinney. While it was a fast paced and busy day, I enjoyed the pampered chef meal prep activities at my sister-in-laws house. Uncle Aaron and I even managed to squeeze in a run before Hayes and I headed back to Tyler. 

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be traveling to Orlando in less than a month to attend an international convention with Kyani! This would not be possible without the help of my wonderful husband, outstanding mom, and Drake's nurses who are an extended piece of our family. Thanks to Kyani, I am healthier and very happy to be able to work my business from the comfort of my home around our chaotic schedule of therapies and doctor appointments.

Tummy time is better with your brother!

Back up in his gait trainer!

Exploring the home gym! Hayes & Drake are sharing many of the same toys right now. Hayes seems happy with the modifications we have made for Drake.

Working in his tomato chair

Great run! #FueledByNitro

Daddy & Hayes

Yes, that is Brian up in the tree. At least he's wearing full safety equipment including a helmet! #SafetyFirst

Our watchers!

Tree down!

Working on letters

Hayes' 1st HOA (Home Owner Association) meeting...(photo taken by Kennedy) 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Home Again, Home Again...

Home again, home again, jiggety least that's what Poppy always says! Boy does it feel good to be back home! As stressful as this past week has been, I did enjoy spending time with my parents. It seems strange that I spent time with my mom and time with my dad, but never with the two of them together. Mimi and I took turns spending nights at the hospital with Drake, and Poppy did a great job taking care of sweet Hayes. Not only family but some wonderful friends stepped in to help out. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the medical staff at Medical City Children's Hospital! Everyone (doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists) took such good care of Drake during our stay! It is never fun to be in a hospital, but if that's where our boy needs to be, we want the staff at Medical City taking care of him. The circumstances were not ideal, but it was good to catch up and visit with the medical staff we know from previous stays. Many of whom we have not seen since Drake had his trach surgery almost two years ago. 

On Saturday, Drake was discharged from the PICU. Brian & Kennedy drove in from Tyler to pick us up while Mimi & Poppy brought Hayes to meet us at the hospital. Brian survived a two hour wait in the parking lot with both Kennedy & Hayes! Thank goodness for Disney movies in the car! I truly believe car trips would have gone much smoother in my childhood if we had movies in the car. 

Since he is still in the recovery process, Drake will be slowly resuming his therapies. It's going to take a little time, but we will get him back where he was before his hospitalization. Kennedy was able to resume both her dance and gymnastic classes this week, and Hayes still has a cough but his lungs sound clear. 

Our family is all home safe and sound under one roof, and everyone is well on their way in the recovery process. 2016 started off rather rocky, but I think it still has plenty of good in store for us! 

While there were plenty of tears in the PICU, he still managed some heartwarming smiles!

His favorite way to my arms :)

This is what breaks my heart & makes a hospital stay difficult.

Good sleep is hard to come by in the hospital. 

I was missing this baby boy!
And this little girl! Daddy did an excellent job taking care of her!

He's getting so big!

This little guy turned 3months old during our hospital stay!

She was such a good and patient girl, she earned a cake pop on the drive home!

He was wiggling all over his hospital bed.

Home again and back into a regular routine! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


3.5 years ago we had never even heard of RSV. However, after unexpectedly becoming parents of micro-preemies and making the necessary transition into germaphobes, RSV became something we have feared. For the past 3.5 years we have been fortunate enough to avoid RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), which most children have before the age of 2 and it looks like a bad cold on your average child. Our lucky streak finally ran out and our sweet Drake is currently in the PICU at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas. Even though this is not how we wanted to start out our new year, we are thankful that he is bigger and stronger now to fight this virus. Kennedy, unfortunately, has been dealing with what we suspect is the same virus at home. She required a couple days of intensive breathing treatments at home as well as bribery for drinking fluids. Oh, the power of gummy bears! Brian said she has been doing really well, but he had to increase breathing treatments again today. This is such a nasty bug! We did our best to protect Hayes by quarantining him in our bedroom at the first signs of illness with Drake and Kennedy. I turned myself into a quick change artist as I did not want to spread germs from kiddo to kiddo. We also did our very best to keep Drake at home during his recovery, but his need for greater support surpassed our capabilities at home. 

On January 1st, Drake and I began his hospital stay in Dallas. Brian has been super dad at home taking care of Kennedy and running the home-front. Nurse Lisa picked up Hayes to protect him in a germ free environment, and Mimi picked him up yesterday. Despite our best efforts, Hayes has developed a cough. We are closely monitoring him for any signs that he needs medical attention. Mimi & I have been taking turns spending nights at the hospital with Drake, and that means that I was able to see Hayes last night! 

Drake is currently using the hospital vent for the extra support his body needs. Yesterday the doctors tried to move him back to our home vent, and he was successful for a good portion of the day, but last night had to be returned to a hospital vent. We are hopeful that he will be ready to try our home vent again tomorrow. His lungs sound great, chest X-rays look great, but he is requiring a very large amount of oxygen. 

Brian's dad and brother stepped in to help out with Kennedy this week. Our house is literally 3 men and a princess! I'm sure that is a sight to see, and I would imagine she is busy telling them how things are supposed to be done. My dear friend, Lisbeth, volunteered to help out with Hayes and she took care of him while I drove down to switch places with Mimi. This also allowed Mimi time to shower and clean off the "hospital" before picking him back up. 

It's no fun being pulled between both boys, and I miss Kennedy like crazy, but we'll do whatever is necessary to get everyone healthy again! For now, we will continue to take it one day at a time and pray for the health of our little ones. 

This little wiggle worm is all over his hospital bed! He's been using his head to activate the music on this toy. Once we can get him moved onto our home vent & down on his oxygen, we will be one step closer to home!

This is cool, mom!

Feeling better!

This little cutie pie thought he was the king of the castle! 

Mustering up a few smiles in the hospital 

Cupcakes on the patio...someone is getting a little spoiled!

I'm so lucky to have been able to snuggle with this little guy this morning!

Parents of another child here in the PICU passed along this little guardian angel to us. There son is about to be discharged from the PICU and sent to the regular hospital floor to continue his recovery. Our job is to pass this along to another family here in the PICU when Drake is healthy enough to go home. 

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