Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

We truly felt the meaning of the Charles Dickens quote "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

It started out when I asked about his eligibility for dialysis. I began having discussions with multiple doctors regarding his options and the procedure and actually felt I was getting somewhere. This glimmer of hope was quickly shot down by multiple hospitals and nephrologists, there were no doctor's or hospitals that would accept his case. There is a dialysis procedure that can be done for babies this young and delicate, but only on rare occasions when renal failure is their only problem. Unfortunately, his body is so oedemic (swollen) that the procedure would be impossible. Adding to the problem, he has blood pressure issues due to the infection; this would not allow his heart to make it through the procedure. This is not to go without mention that he is so unstable that physically moving him to a special dialysis center is not possible.

As Drake lay there fighting for his life, I was compelled to keep pushing. I continued to ask questions to explore all options...bring in a special team, urologists, surgical procedures, and the list went on. The conversation was ended where we originally started..."We are doing all we can, his kidneys will have to start working to produce urine." I do not feel defeated because I will not give up on him!!!

This afternoon, mommy got some great news about Kennedy. She was told that Kennedy was ready for a kangaroo treatment...She got to hold her for the VERY 1st time. This is something she has been yearning to do for the last 19 days. The nurses carefully placed Kennedy on Annie's bare chest, mommy to baby contact. I have never seen two beautiful women in such a relaxed state. I was so happy that we were able to do was so long overdue.

Having a great day with Kennedy and a sad day with Drake bring happiness and sadness simultaneously. The fight for Team Drake and Kennedy will not cease.


  1. Jennifer BlankenshipJuly 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM

    What a beautiful sight seeing Kennedy and mommy together! Keep fighting Drake, keep fighting!

  2. How beautiful it is to see pictures of you holding your baby. Please know your family is never far from my thoughts or prayers.

  3. God made us stewards of his most precious gifts--children. The two of you are shining examples of the instinct we must all have to do our best with what He has given to us.

    Drake: you are one tough cookie. You make your mommy and daddy so proud. Keep it up lil man, God has a purpose for you.

    Kennedy: thank you for being such a good little sissy, and putting a smile on your mommy and daddy's faces and in their hearts.

    Steadfast in prayer

  4. What a joy to see Annie holding Kennedy - I know you have longed for that moment.

    What man cannot do, God can - and we will continue to pray for the Physician's healing touch on Drake's kidneys.

    The strength and love of your family is an inspiration to us all.

  5. And we will continue to pray! Again thank you for taking precious time away from your babies to keep us updated. What a beautiful picture of the two of you with little Miss Kennedy. Praying that Drake will soon be able to join in.!!!!

    Love to all of you.
    Allen and Karen

  6. These pictures bring tears to my eyes! So thankful for the goodness in the midst of trials. Praying constantly for all 4 of you! Keep asking God to give you discerning hearts and minds as you learn how to parent these 2 miracles!
    Much love and prayers!
    Katie Guernsey

  7. Those are some precious pictures. I love how Kennedy has her little hand around her Mommy's thumb in the first picture. It's as if she knew it was her mommy that was holding her. I'm so thankful this special blessing came your way today. The two of you continue to be the best parents ever as you cheer your little ones on and are determined to be Drake's advocate making sure no stone is left unturned. My family and I along with a host of others are remaining on the sidelines to cheer all four of you on as we call your names out in prayer and think of you continuously. You are loved so much!

  8. Thank you for sharing these treasured moments with us! What a beautiful picture of you and your girls. It is so incredibly moving to see Annie holding Kennedy. Prayers will continue for Drake's healing!

  9. I've been reading your blog, one of my friends posted it on FaceBook. I just want you all to know that Drake and Kennedy are in my prayers. I'm praying for continual growth and health for Kennedy, and healing for little Drake, and strength for everyone!

    God bless-

    "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights"
    --James 1:17--

  10. Thank you for sharing your treasured moments with us! What a beautiful picture of you with your girls. It is so incredibly moving to see Annie holding Kennedy. Prayers continue for Drake's healing!

  11. These two fighters have stolen my heart. I find myself refreshing the page multiple times a day, it has become a bookmark. Each time I get on I am amazed at the resilience of Drake and Kennedy. Keep fighting Drake, I pray for you Every time I open the page, when I go to bed, and first thing when I wake up. Kennedy I pray that you keep growing strong and healthy. You guys all have more strength and endurance than I've ever seen.

    Always in My Prayers,
    Lexi LaMott

  12. Tiffany Butler RobertsJuly 13, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    You are both very strong- Drake and Kennedy are lucky to have you! Such a great blessing for Annie to get to hold Kennedy during your tough fight for Drake. He has been fighting longer than the doctors initially gave him; hoping and praying he will keep showing them and praying his kidneys will start functioning soon. Thanks for keeping us updated- your family is always on my mind. Praying and hoping Drake will win the fight soon!

  13. Still lifting up prayers from Seattle. Miracles do happen. I know a lil guy who was in comparable place as drake 5 years ago. Had brunch w him lady weekend. Ha

  14. Praying for Drake and Kennedy, I do not know yall but i can tell what amazing parents yall are already and both of your precious babies are true fighters i check a few times a day for updates because i cant help but wonder how both of these sweet babies are doing. i have a nephew who was born at 25 weeks weighing a little less the 2 pounds and it was a long road with blood pressure problems along with other issues but he is now 6 and doing amazing the main. thing to remember is all things are possible through christ our lord and savior.... i will continue to pray for both of ur precious babies and for the both of you as well, GOD Bless u and your family!!!!

  15. The first thing I do each morning is check your see Annie and Kennedy together brought tears to my eyes as that is what my baby (who is 12) still loves to do...snuggle up with mom. I cannot wait for both of you to hold that sweet girl again.

    Prayers for Drake continue. He is on our mind constantly and prayers are said many times a day. He is such a little miracle and gift. Keep fighting little guy. You are loved beyond measure.

    Yvonne and Sydney

  16. I'm still praying! Thank you so much for taking the time out to write your blog and sharing pictures. What an amazing testimony! I am in awe of your faith and strength. I was overjoyed to see Annie holding Kennedy for the first time. I pray that Drake will continue to fight and that his kidneys will kick in soon. I pray for healing of his body and that he can continue to fight infection. I pray Kennedy continues to get stronger everyday. I do not know you personally but you all have touched my life!

  17. This update brought tears to my eyes. What a joy to see y'all with Kennedy! Praying for all four of you. Drake is such a fighter and I know God is giving him the strength to fight.

  18. Continuing to pray for you all! I am so moved by your blog. My heart aches for what you and Annie are going through with Drake and yet rejoices in the fact that Kennedy got to have "mommy" time. That is a blessing! And seeing the pictures of y'all with Kennedy brought tears to my eyes. Miracles can happen and we continue to pray Drake continues to fight and his kidneys begin working soon. Also praying he will keep fighting the infection. Also praying for Kennedy to get stronger every day. Again, you all are such an inspiration and your unwaivering faith such a testimony. Go Team Drake and Team Kennedy - we are all pulling for you two to get stronger each day! God Bless!

  19. Praying for your sweet babies!!!!!

  20. Drake and Kennedy, we all continue to pray for you every day and pray for your fight through this battle that is not fair. Mom, Breanna and I keep putting the word out for healing prayers and their are many here in Illinois praying. Kennedy is such a beauty! Keep your strength as hard as it is. Brian and Annie, you fought for 10 years to have these wonderful babies and they have your strength to fight!

    Cass, Bree and Linda Segler

  21. Do not feel defeated for there is always hope. I continue to pray for both of your precious babies throughout each day, especially little Drake.
    Every good and perfect gift is from above...James 1:17
    This scripture is very dear to my heart, and one I clung to during my journey to have a child: For this child I prayed; and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27
    Keep the faith! We are all praying for you.

  22. Continuing prayers for Drake's body to stay strong and healing to begin for his kidneys. I'm also so thankful to hear of Kennedy's continued improvement. I'm praying for strength for both of you and wisdom for the doctors and nurses taking care of your precious babies. Plese know that you are being lifted up continually in prayer.
    As I was reading your post this morning, this song was playing on the radio. I felt God asking me to share with you. Hopefully you can open the link - Our God by Chris Tomlin

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family,
    Shelley from McKinney

  23. I have just come across your blog via another twin mummie, I am praying hard for all of you ad know the power of prayer really does work after my own daughter went through a terrible accident just beote christmas. A twin mummie I know had her babies at just 25 weeks also and fought back from the edge and are now beautiful happy 4 year olds. Stay strong and never give up Drake ad Kennedy are clearly strong fighters - blessings love healing ad light to you all xxx mum to abraham & Arabella 2 years old today (13th is a lucky day :) xxx

  24. The picture of you, your wife, and daughter is BEAUTIFUL. Drake is a little fighter and even though he has been alive for a few weeks he has shown more strength and endurance then most. My family and I are praying everyday that his kidneys will function. Stay strong and do not feel defeat. All of you are fighting with all your strength to overcome this and we all are here to support you. ~Lisa Sanderson

  25. Beautiful picture of baby Kennedy with mommy and daddy! Made my heart smile :)

    We continue to pray for all 4 of you!

    Love, Cristi & Kennedy