Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We have so many things to be thankful for each day! We have: each other, two amazing kids with another about to join us, supportive family & friends, a roof over our heads, food for our bellies, and on & on & on! Today I am extremely thankful for electricity! There was an accident in our neighborhood yesterday which caused our electricity to be out from 4:00pm on Monday until 6:30am Tuesday. I certainly do not want to take electricity for granted again! Thankfully our sweet neighbor who was involved in the accident is ok and home from the hospital! I am also thankful we have our generator to keep Drake's equipment up and running during power outages! Our house was still quite warm, but it was manageable and we survived. 

I'm thankful that my cousin introduced me to an amazing company which I have been able to do part time from home. I wish I had listened to her sooner, but I finally decided to jump in back in April. Here I am 4 months later feeling healthier, happier & earning a luxury car! Brian, Kennedy & I had such a fun afternoon trying to pick out the right vehicle to meet our needs. I am well on my way to surpassing what I used to make with my full time job! Plus, it feels good to be improving the health of Brian, Drake, and Kennedy right along with me! 

Brian was one proud papa when Kennedy won her first BB Gun at the Delta Waterfowl Banquet over the weekend! The box says, "ages 10 and up" so I think we will be putting it up in the attic until she is a little older. I have a feeling Brian plans to have our little girl out in a duck blind within the next few years. Gymnastics, Dance, Hunting...I guess she will be one well rounded little girl! When he starts taking Kennedy & Hayes both hunting with him, this could be a nice little break for mama! Plus, it will give me some good one-on-one time with my Drakey...when I steal him away from his nurse! 

Life has certainly taken us on many different detours over the past 3 years, and we our now on a path that we would never have imagined. I look forward to seeing where this journey continues to take us; celebrating our many blessings every day! 

My little sidekick 

Just hanging out with my boy!

Excellent work with his PT!

Getting her daily dose of Health & Wellness!

Car shopping with mommy & daddy!

Decisions...Decisions...this is a good problem to have :)

Keeping little man cool w/o AC

A few finishing touches to Hayes' room! Thank you to my sweet friend, Andrea!

Headed home from Dance Class!

In a couple of short weeks, our little man has started to fill out! He's looking like quite a chubby little baby! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Celebrating Baby!

Over the weekend our dear friends threw a baby shower for our soon to be addition! Knowing that our little boy is already surrounded by so much love is absolutely heartwarming! I'm currently 32wks along and scheduled for my cerclage removal at 36wks; therefore, we need to be prepared to meet baby Hayes in as early as 4 weeks! Obviously the longer he stays put, the better, but we actually do seem prepared for his arrival. Much more so than when Drake and Kennedy arrived! His nursery is set, baby clothes are washed and put away, and everything seems to be in its place. I'm sure once he is home we will realize things we still need to do, but I'm also quite sure we will survive. 

Drake is doing much better this week! The progress toward vent trials is a slow process, but he has managed to tolerate up to an hour. It will take some time, but we will get back to being off of the vent for most of the day again. These setbacks are always difficult on him and on us. He is frustrated to be on the vent and we are frustrated for him, too. He had three therapies today, and he did really good with all of them! His vision therapist is already seeing great progress, and she strongly believes his vision will continue to improve!!! 

Kennedy started dance class this week (ballet & tap). She was very excited and she did a really great job for her first day! Mimi was here visiting and helping us out; therefore, she was able to watch her class, too! Mimi wanted to make sure that she knows Kennedy's routines and where her different classes are held. This will be a lifesaver after baby Hayes is here! This morning our sweet Kennedy started running a temperature. I took her to the pediatrician and the cause is unknown at this time. I'm supposed to check back with her doctor on Thursday, and if she is still running a temp, her doctor will run labs. In the mean time, we are supposed to keep her away from Drake...that is much harder than it sounds. 

We are praying our little Drake continues to get stronger each day, and that our little Kennedy is able to fight off her virus and get better very soon! 

Mimi, me, my sister (Meredith), Kennedy & my sister-in-law (Jamie)

My sweet friends: Eleni, Andrea, me, Meredith & Kennedy

My sweet sister who was supposed to be in south Texas, but she surprised me!

My little helper!

Kennedy got Meredith to read to her. Harper was way too busy for a book!

This girl sure does love her brother!

Still working hard!

Praying music for Drake!

One man band!

New favorite thing...making a grocery list!

1st day of dance!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vent Support

Overall our trip and visit at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital went very well! Drake's X-rays showed that his hips are perfectly in line and his spine does not show a need for a back brace at this time. While his right knee and leg are still growing at an angle due to his infection back in the NICU, surgery is not needed at this time either. However, in a few years, they may need to do some surgery to help correct the growth. We will cross that bridge when the time comes. 

Drake had a rough trip to and from Scottish Rite. He required an excessive amount of suctioning and his secretions became very, very thick. This made it more difficult for him to cough up resulting in bouts of choking. He was also not able to be off of the vent at all. We are thankful that he was not requiring oxygen, but he just could not maintain his sats off of the vent. As soon as we arrived home, I gave him an extra dose of his Nebulizer treatment that thins secretions. This really did seem to help! It does not seem to be an infection and he does not act as if he feels bad; however, he is still not able to be off of the vent. This is challenging because he has grown accustomed to his freedom from the vent, and he definitely does not like being back on full time...and he is sure to let us know that he isn't happy about this situation. We know in time his little lungs will be ready for the freedom again. If only we could explain that to our little boy.

Drake's issues could very well be caused by allergies. Kennedy seems to be dealing with some, too, but on a lesser scale. Allergy medications and breathing treatments are helping, so hopefully this will be behind us soon. For now, Drake has begun requiring oxygen support at night while he is sleeping. At least he has been able to maintain his sats during the day without needing O2 support full time. 

We enjoyed a fun visit with Aunt Mere, Uncle Aaron, Jacob & Elizabeth over the weekend! It's always fun when we are all together, and I love how well Kennedy and Jacob play together now! It took a while to get to this point, but it is wonderful to see. I also love how sweet and caring Jacob and Elizabeth are with Drake! Having so many cousins to grow up with close in age is going to be a wonderful experience for all of them! 

He doesn't love being on the vent, but he isn't letting it hold him back! Oh, and yes, I cut his hair!

I think it is impossible not to smile when he is smiling! 

Capturing the 4 of them together was much harder than it looks!

Tickling Drake!

Ice cream after swimming. The perfect end to a fun day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family Time

We enjoyed a fun weekend with family! Both of our nieces from Brian's side of the family were in town for a visit! This was HUGE because we do not get to see them very often. One is 11 and lives in New Braunfels, and the other is 22 and now lives/works in Portland, OR. I'm pretty upset with myself that we didn't take any pictures while they were here. I'm really not even sure how that happened. 

Drake has been continuing to work hard each & every day in therapy and with us. We just love seeing him up and moving about freely! Observing his new ability to reach and push one of his buttons is really exciting! He misses some but he doesn't give up. He is the definition of perseverance! 

Kennedy has been busy enjoying the summer and spending as much time outside as possible. Playing in the water makes this summer heat much more bearable! She manages to have fun inside, too! This week she decided the carpet at Papa's house was the perfect area for summersaults!

Tomorrow morning we will head to Dallas to see Drake's orthopedist at Scottish Rite Hospital. This follow up will check his spine, hips and right knee. We are praying for a good report and smooth travels!  

Love this boy!!!

Riot doesn't even move when Drake runs into him with his gait trainer

Working in his chair!

Summer Time fun!

Hanging out with his buddy!

Starting off her day with vitamins & nutrients!!! "Mama I want purple juice!"

Riot keeping a close eye on Drake!

Reading to her baby dolls (Kennedy & Harper)!