Sunday, July 1, 2012

7/1 Morning Update

Both Kennedy and Drake have started off today well. After our scare with Kennedy last night, she has adjusted well to the changes they made.  Her last two gases show improvements in her CO2 levels. She is recieving another blood transfusion this morning, which isn't a big surprise because they had to take so much blood last night when they were testing her levels. Drakes levels show improvements as well.  Drake is scheduled for his echocardiogram later today. That will show if the 2nd round of indocin was able to close the PDA in his heart. We are praying for improvement on the PDA because the next step would be surgically.  Both Kennedy and Drake have gone up on their feedings to 2 cc every 3 hours where before they were only getting 1 cc. 


  1. Prayers pouring out for their continued improvement, strength for you & Annie, and wisdom for their doctors!

  2. Great news this morning! That little Kennedy is one tough cookie!