Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking It Easy

Once again there is not much to report and we are thankful for that. It was a pretty quiet day except for a few times when Kennedy's heart rate dropped too low. Even after 37 days here in the NICU, it still scares me when that happens. Both babies weighed in at exactly 3 pounds today. We are missing dad today and already can't wait to see him!

Kennedy: She still seems to be tolerating her feeds on the hire amounts and calories. Her heart rate drops today seemed to be associated with passing stools. She got to wear a preemie cap from her auntie and it was adorable (even though too big). She has remained on 21% oxygen and minimal settings. She and I really enjoyed our kangaroo time together.

Drake: He had a quiet day and is looking better every day. He is not requiring significant support on his machines even though he does require more than sister. He is doing a great job with his feeds on the higher calories. The orthopedic did not make it by today so we are hoping to hear from him 1st thing in the morning. I'm looking forward to kangaroo time with Drake in just a few minutes!

Pictures: Kennedy in her new cap, Drake with eyes wide open


  1. Love the pics Annie! Yeah for 3 pounds!!! So glad you have quieter days... I know its tough without daddy there, but y'all are so strong! He and the babies are going to love the weekend!

    Sending you love from Syd... She wants to see you and the babies so bad!

  2. Auntie T has great taste in hats!

    I'm pleased to read your first day of holding down the fort went relatively calmly. It is such a a joy to read about you getting to hold them BOTH. In no time they will be too cool to be held, so just think of them coming early as bonus time :-)

    Praying continuously and positively.

  3. Glad to see you made it through the day. I am sure you missed/ miss your husband. Many of us in Georgia are praying for your family. Please know you are surrounded by many many prayers even from people you are likely to never meet. God's got this Mrs Annie <><

  4. Such cuties! I love seeing their pictures :). I'm so happy for you both that you can relax a little, at least enough to focus on life in general :). I can't imagine the stress that comes with being the parents of the two most amazing, tiniest babies I know. Stay strong Mama!

  5. Praying for you guys! So thankful for calm days....those are the best you can hope for in the NICU! Much love and prayers for Drake and Kennedy, you, and Brian!

    Love, Katie

  6. Prayers continue for you all. Love the pics!


  7. I've just been sent the link by our mutual friend Jill Hutchings. This has brought the memories flooding back. Our son Arthur was born 18 months ago weighing 2 pounds and had a rough old ride of it at first.
    But he's now thriving. I know he's one, not twins, but I do remember the rollercoaster of emotions. Everytime you get back up and feel good, something new knocks you. As you say so rightly - no news is very good news. Feel free to see how our story has gone much better than our doctors told us it would:
    With all best wishes from London, Simon, Amy and Arthur

  8. Praising God for 3 pounds! I know you are loving these quiet days! It's so great to hear that things are calm. The pictures are adorable of your sweet little ones! Praying Brian's work week passes quickly so he can return to you safely!

  9. I love these wonderful updates! I'm sorry for your scare. I imagine that even though you have endured much worse in the Nicu, every scare feels just as threatening and frightening. Here's to hoping for a scare free day!


  10. Glad to hear they continue to do so well each day :) Just be strong when you hear the alarms or what not go off, knowing that God is always with Drake and Kennedy, watching over them, and will keep them safe :)

    You are doing great Annie while Brian is away, keep it up and hang in there :)

    Praying for you all!