Monday, July 16, 2012


1. Occurring through divine or supernatural intervention.
2. Highly improbable and extraordinary and bringing very welcome consequences.

Upon meeting with the doctor this morning he said, "We had more urine. What a miracle, this is nothing short of miraculous." This coming from a doctor and witnessing it first hand, the definition above explains it all. A nurse through our conversation said that she had not ever seen a baby go this long without urination, the longest she had seen was four days...Drake went seven! Thanks be.

Drake continued to meet just over minimum expectations of 1 ml of urine per hour. He is very touchy, as I would be too, where his heart rate and oxygen levels drop very low whenever they get in there to touch him or change his diaper. Mommy and I are able to caress his head to calm him down and talk to him when they do this, it really helps a lot. We rarely leave his side...we are fortunate that my parents take night duty from 12:30am to 6:00am so we can get some rest. It allows us to sleep knowing he has family watching over, coaching from my dad and singing from my mom, to help him through these tough times.

He will maintain all levels of medications for now and slowly begin to take him off of the diuretics. Since what they have been giving him for the last few days is rare and non-conventional medicine, one of the doctors referred to it as "Witches Brew." As my posts have indicated before and the definition of miraculous states, this is a miracle involving divine intervention...Four words; seven days no pee!!!

Annie is finishing up her kangaroo treatment with Kennedy right now. When they are done and she calms down from the fit she has when they take her away, they are going to put her on CPAP. This is a "First down" for her. We know that it comes with risks, as does everything at the NICU, and if she does not do well on it she will go back on ventilator.

Then Jesus said to him, Unless you see signs and miracles happen, you never will believe. John 4: 48


  1. AWESOME!!! While the medications are probably helping some, prayer and your around the clock love is the real remedy. Such an encouraging and amazing thing to see. Will continue to pray for you all.

  2. One statement my husband kept repeating over and over again when we were in the NICU - "If you don't believe in God then step into the NICU and watch the miracles God proforms everyday"

    Prayer is so powerful and God works so many wonders. What a testimony your family has. Continue prayers and support.

    Keep your head up and just focus on one day at a time. You all have a long and bumpy road ahead still but God will be with all the way. These days will be behind you before you know it.

  3. Prayers of thanks and petition of needs continue to flow for Drake and Kennedy's journey!

  4. Andrea, I told your mom earlier today that I have an entirely new perspective on how, how MUCH, and why prayer works. What a blessing for all of us to experience this miracle with you. God has been glorified! And we are NOT done praying!!!!! :)

  5. Y'all don't know me, but I'm a friend of the Hatchers. I've been praying for y'all and following your story the entire time. Praise God for this wonderful news about Drake! He is faithful!! Praying this verse for you: "God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!" Heavenly Father, Please continue to answer these prayers for healing for Drake... amaze us all as you do more than we can imagine!! (Ephesians 3:20)

  6. Go Drake setting records! Just no more not peeing records please... that was a rough week and glad to see you urinating again little buddy :) If you want to make a new record, make one for the most days in a row with no major problems that you just keep increasing daily so you break your own record daily :) Your mom and dad would really love that record :)

    God has shown himself to be present in these two little lives, and has been giving so much strength to all involved. Yesterday at the hospital, I didn't see two parents who were worn down, I saw two filled with strength from God's love being in their hearts, giving them the strength and will to keep this battle going, never giving up and bringing their precious cargo home to Tyler where they can all be a beautiful family :) Seeing the love and caring for these two little ones, bringing multiple families together, all with the common bond of Drake and Kennedy, is God showing love for his children, all of us, not just these two little ones.

    Drake and Kennedy, keep growing, keep fighting, and keep knowing that God has his loving hands healing you, his angels watching over you every breath you take, and he loves you two so much and can't wait to see you two grow up to be healthy adults and living for him.

    Annie and Brian, keep believing, trusting God, and knowing that he is in control in all of this, and will continue to carry you two in his arms. I know this has taken so much out of you two, but all of the previous hardships in your lives, was preparing you for this time where you are strong enough to keep going, and giving the strength to your two children. I can only imagine how great of a family you four will grow into being with time, as having you two at the head of the household, providing love, guidance, and caring, these two beautiful children will grow into adults full of love as you two are full of.

    Everyone else involved, from the parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and family friends, thank you for all that you are doing, as all of you matter, and it is all for Team Drake and Team Kennedy. Your efforts mean so much to everyone, and keep them up.

    God bless the Gilstrap family, the doctors and nurses, and everyone else involved in those saga. Good things are going to keep coming as each day goes by! God already showed us so, with the double rainbows :)

    You are all loved!

  7. Yay for first downs!!!!! The Gilstrap family is the toughest team around!!! I continue to pray for you guys every night and you guys continue to teach me lessons in strength and faith. I'm definitely cheering on the sidelines! Go Drake and Kennedy!!!

  8. AWESOME, AWESOME...keep up the great work Drake and Kennedy !!! Drake keeping fighting and you will win this battle, we are in your corner buddy. Miss Kennedy kept doing well and having those kangaroo treatments with mommy as they are much needed for both. Brian and Annie you all will be the center of attention at our next family reunion, what a blessing that will be. Prayers from your family for all those involved. Love ya :)

  9. Darke and Kennedy are remembered in daily prayers at St Giles-in-the-Fields church in London (where prayers have been offered daily for over 900 years). Giving thanks for your many blessings thus far!
    -Thomas Hardin

  10. This is wonderful news. We serve a mighty God, and His time is always perfect. Your updates are always so touching, and I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing with people who do not know your family, but love your family. Thank you Jesus!

  11. Once again, I am just amazed in God's hand touching Drake's life. I do not know your family, but my co-worker Angie Parker and neighbor, Lauren Palmer do. They have asked for prayers, so here we meet over the internet! I feel like I know you guys... I just want to run to the hospital to hug you! My whole family is praying for you as well as our church in McKinney. May God continue to give you, as parents, this enormous strength! Go D & K- we are cheering for you!!!
    Jill and David Hartsell

  12. The miracle I am witnessing makes me want to sing...THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE...I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE....prayers STILL going up!

  13. Prayers will continue to flow from South Texas, Floresville! This week my family is making our yearly pilgrimage to The Basilica of San mother has had candles prepared for you all and we will light them asking for continued healing powers for Drake and Kennedy and strength for you and Annie.
    Cannot wait to read more inspiring news.
    The Moore family

  14. What a blessing these blog updates are! Prayers are being sent up continuously! Drake, you are a WARRIOR! Kennedy, stay strong. Your mommy needs the kangaroo treatments just as much as you do.

  15. Although I have never met your family, I check this blog daily since I heard about your family's story. This entry makes me so happy for y'all. Glory, glory, praise be to Jesus! Drake is such a little fighter, and we will continue to keep those precious babies in our prayers. Keep the faith!

    Michelle Allred

  16. Praises and more prayers being sent up!

  17. Amazing!! PEEEE!!! I don't know you guys at all but have been praying non stop for pee for 7 days! God is so great and does great things!! Way to go Little Drake! And sweet Miss Kennedy- Don't think you brother is getting all the attention, you are constantly in my prayers as well :)

    God continue to bless your family.

  18. Good news. Keep up the good fight, Drake. Do well Kennedy.

    Sid and Peggy

  19. Praise the Lord! May continued blessings and mercy rain down on you & yours. Still praying!

    Amanda from Seattle

  20. Praise God. I wanted to let you know that when they switch her to cpap she might have some bradys which is normal since since her little lungs are not used to doing all the work. Just know she is a fighter and will get through them. There is a little jar that collects the droplets of water that are dispursed from the cpap machine due to moisture that it puts off. sometimes that water can feed back up into the tubing. If there was ever any water in my son's tubing it would cause him to brady, the nurses would automatically crank his oxygen. We figured this out and had to let the new nurses that didn't know him in on his little secret that way they would check the water collection first and dump it verses cranking up his O2. It got to where I would do it myself once I started seeing the bottle fill up. Always know that your gut instinct as a parent is the most important factor and as you have learned already when it comes to your children, don't be afraid to speak up about your concerns. You are their voice. I can't express what a wonderful job you and Annie are already proving to be as parents and advocates for Drake and Kennedy. Micro-preemies are true miracles of God. God Bless your family!

  21. God is so awesome! He has heard all the prayers said on behalf of Baby Drake and He has answered in a miraculous way! Praise Him! We will keep on praying for Baby Drake & Baby Kennedy! Love, Holly Chilek

  22. Tears and goosebumps all at the same time for this good news. You all must come from "tough stock!" I will continue to pray for your little itty bitties! God's plan is always bigger...isn't it?!?!
    JG (Anna, TX)

  23. annie and brian,
    thank you for keeping us posted on your beautiful babies progresses. they are amazing gifts of love from heavenly father. so precious and so full of miracles. we love you and are praying for you and them. Love, Jana Hair Lasota (George Wilson's cousin and flower girl from their wedding)

  24. Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

    Brian and Annie: what you are doing for your two little "rewards" is I am sure, pleasing to the Lord. Your relentless hope and desire for your babies is such a beautiful sight.

    Drake: you rock buddy!! I think our Father in heaven designed you with perfection in are so strong already--I cant imagine what you have in store for your daddy and mommy when you are a teenager. Keep it up big guy!

    Kennedy: you go girl! What a good lil girl, you are working hard to grow and you are going to do so well off the ventilator! Keep it up lil lady!

  25. Drake's progress is such a thrill to hear about. I check the blog several times a day and can't wait to read Janice's posts on facebook. To finally have good news is so wonderful! You have inspired hope in unexpected places. My dearest friends were just told yesterday that their grandchild would be born with non-functioning kidneys and only had a 10% survival chance although the baby is nearly full term. I told them of Drake's miraculous progress and we now have some hope. (They are seeing a super specialized neonatal kidney specialist at Medical City Dallas.) Thank you for bringing the belief in miracles to others too.
    Jo Ann Kelly Graham

  26. We are supposed to ask for a miracle and believe that it will happen and yet when it does-we are surprised! May God continue to bless and answer prayers.....

  27. We are still praying for you in Plano, TX. You are one of my bookmarks now and like many others, I look forward to an update each day.
    I'm adding to my prayers now your amazing parents. What a blessing to have round the clock care for these two special babies so that their parents can rest. We'll pray for your folks health and peace along with yours and the babies.
    Keep up the pee peeing Drake, and good luck on the CPAP Kennedy!!! We know you can do it!!!! Thanks for sharing all your miracles.

  28. Annie and Brian,
    We are continually praying for your sweet, precious blessings. God is good!
    Julie Thompson