Saturday, July 21, 2012

4 Weeks Old

Today has been another day with little to report & we are beyond thankful for that.

Drake is looking better and better every day! He has been completely weened off of his diuretics and pain meds. They are watching him really closely as it is possible for him to go into withdrawals from the pain meds. Hopefully, he was weened off slowly & will not have problems with withdrawals , otherwise he will have to go on some methadone. They are watching his white blood cell count closely because it was elevated. If it remains elevated on tomorrow mornings test, they will need to drain a sample of fluid from his knee to check for infection. We pray that his white blood count is back down tomorrow and a new infection is not a battle we will face.

Kennedy has moved up to big girl diapers...woohoo! (Well, now she is in small preemie rather than xs-preemie). She got to have kangaroo time with mommy again today! They were both happy campers!

Pictures: kangaroo time, helping weigh Kennedy, diapers and bootees, Kennedy and her beautiful eyes


  1. Yvonne and SydneyJuly 21, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    Rainbow outside a little while ago and I thought about your sweet babies. Kennedy is absolutely beautiful! You can tell she's growing so much! Annie looks so happy! Sydney loves Kennedy's eyes too.

    We will continue praying that Drakes white blood cell count isn't high and that there is no infection. Can't wait til we get to see those sweet babies together.

    Lots of love coming your way!

    Yvonne and Sydney

  2. Seems like they are both getting more than 3 yard gains. I pray they continue to make gains whether they are big or small. So happy for you guys that you are getting to enjoy your beautiful babies.


  3. Annie God is so able, I pray for you and your precious famiy! God give this family peace love, and strengthen the twins so that your name will be glorified in your name i pray Amen

  4. Love these pictures!!!! I think I can see a little belly on Miss Kennedy in the picture where her daddy is holding her. You go, girl! It's so exciting to see her growing and so alert with those big pretty eyes. Wonderful to see Daddy and Mommy looking more rested, too. Mr. Drake, I can't wait to brag on you to my S.S. class in the morning. However, they may already know because several of them are checking the blog updates themselves now. You and your sissy are just irrestible, and once people find out about you, they're hooked. Drake, your miraculous progress is something we continue to thank the Good Lord for. I am so glad you are feeling better, and pray that white cell count comes down and your little knee feels good as new soon. I am so glad you're getting rid of that unwanated fluid, and I'm sitting on pins and needles to see a new picture of you. Sweet dreams and restful sleep to the Gilstrap 4 tonight.

  5. Prayers continue for Drake's knee and that both babies stay infection free. I am also praying that God directs your medical team.<><

  6. 4 weeks... in the big scheme of life such a small amount of time, but in the lives of these two precious children, has been an eternity... full of so many ups and downs... but they are still here with us, continuing to grow and get better each and every day that they are here. 4 weeks down, so many more years ahead in their wonderful lives :)

    Drake and Kennedy, keep growing and becoming the two people that God wants you to be, touching the lives of your mom and dad, your family, and all of those around you, and just always remember to thank God for everything, as he has given you life and has touched so many of us with your lives :)

    Brian and Annie, glad to see things are going so much smoother, so you two can rest a bit more... your strength through this tough time has been inspiring to myself, and I am sure many others. I can't wait to see these two grow up over the years being your pride and joy, and you two being right beside them through all of the upcoming years :)

    God bless Drake and Kennedy, and keep watching over these two, their parents, and everyone in their lives.

  7. Miracles do happen! I am amazed at the stamina of those two -- especially Drake. I know they still have hurdles to climb but the latest blogs have been encouraging. Praying for their continued improvement.

    Sid & Peggy

  8. Wow, 4 weeks already! So thrilled for Kennedy's growth and Drake getting off diuretics and pain meds! I am anxiously awaiting to see his sweet picture too! I will continue to pray for more good reports, especially for Drake's white cell count to come down and no more infections!! Hopefully mom and dad will be able to continue getting more rest too! Our thoughts are always with you!

  9. Kennedy has such s beautiful little face--I love seeing the face of one that I have prayed for everyday--such a blessing to me....
    and she looks so big already! I am amazed at what has transpired in the last month. These kiddos of yours are so very special.

    I continue to rebuke the notion of any more infections, and pray for Gods grace as they grow and transition through the milestones ahead!

    In church tonight, Pastor preached on getting through tough times--he spoke of envoking prayer...inviting others to pray with/for you and also joining in prayer for others...i could not help but think of all of the lives touched by your children--all of us connected in prayer. So powerful!

    He also said we must set GOD-SIZED expectations--its okay to ask for the very biggest and best--He IS able!

    Keep it up Team Gilstrap! We are fervently Praying for God sized blessings upon each of you!

    P.s.: the sermon was very applicable to anyone facing hardship no matter how big or small...i hope you can find it -if you would like to hear it - on the Oakwood Baptist Church, NB web site

  10. Found it ...just in case you want to hear the sermon :-)