Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2 Evening Update

Today was a calm day for both Kennedy and Drake. This was also good for mommy and daddy. Hopefully, all four of us will be able to get some much needed rest tonight. All of their blood test today came back with good reports. We are beyond thankful for all of the prayers and support which have had a profound effect on both Kennedy and Drake.  Drake hit a big mile stone tonight...2# 1oz! Yea! Keep growing strong little one. Kennedy has not been weighed yet, but we are anxious to see her new weight in the morning. 


  1. Thank you, Dear Father, for a good day for Drake, Kennedy, and Annie and Brian. Give this precious family a restful night. Whisper Your perfect peace over them so they can be refreshed for a new tomorrow.

  2. What a blessing to read your praise report! I've been praying that with every beat of their little hearts, every sweet breath they take, every meal they drink, and every procedure they need Drake and Kennedy will grow stronger and stronger! Please know that your family continues to be in our hearts!

  3. Wow over two pounds already? That's fantastic! Every ounce is a gift. It would bring us so much joy to see our kiddos gain weight in the NICU. I'm so glad they are getting to eat real food (well, real baby "food" - ha!) and get the nutrition they need.

    These baby steps will start adding up. I know it's tedious right now, but soon the days will turn to weeks and the weeks to months and the ounces will turn into pounds.

    Praying prayers of Thanksgiving today for Drake and Kennedy!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! The nurses do their footprints about every week and I am sitting in here looking at Drake's from last week to this week and it is amazing to see how he has already grown :)