Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Weeks Old Today...Still Fighting Infections

2 weeks ago today our sweet babies entered this world much too early. They have been fighting a survival battle ever since. As we posted yesterday, they are both fighting infections. Kennedy has one type of infection and Drake has another type. We are thankful that the doctors were able to detect signs of the infections early before they ever acted sick. However, knowing our sweet babies and their unique personalities it is clear to us that they are not feeling well today...this absolutely breaks our hearts.  We would give anything to be able to trade places with them and make them feel better.  We understand that the NICU journey is a roller coster, but the dips are more emotional than anticipated. Drake was just moved to an oscillator ventilator today like his sister. His CO2 levels were continuing to rise due to his infection, so the oscillator will be able to provide him with more support as he fights it off. Kennedy's blood cultures from yesterday came back negative, which is a good sign that the antibiotics are doing their job. The doctors want to see 48 hours of negative cultures before they consider the infection to be clear.  We are hoping to see the same with Drake's  cultures soon. Drake has received 3 blood transfusions in the last 36 hours and they are monitoring his platelet count very closely. 


  1. Praying for you guys and your precious babies.


  2. Thinking of you and praying daily for your sweet babies. Let Annie know we love her very much and Syd sends lots of hugs and love to her from Tyler.

    Yvonne and Syd

  3. Praying for Gods healing hand on Drake and Kennedy, and continued wisdom for the Dr and nurses. Hang in there!
    Katie Guernsey

  4. As parents, you never stop hurting when your children are hurting regardless of how old they are. I can remember when Nathan and Joseph were babies and sick with high fever and how difficult that was, but I have never been in your place when your babies are so tiny and facing so many challenges. I can't imagine how difficult that is.....only God can fully understand how the two of you feel and little Drake and Kennedy. So I'm asking Him to give Kennedy, Drake and the two of you His peace that is beyond all understanding and strength to with stand this storm. My heart goes out to all of you. Love you much! Phil. 4:6-7