Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July! And Happy 27 weeks to Drake & Kennedy! We're all doing ok. Both Kennedy and Drake have moved up on their feedings; 5cc every 3 hours. The doctor is monitoring Kennedy's blood pressure and may do an echocardiogram later today to check the PDA valve in her heart. It could mean another round of indocin or blood pressure medicine. They are both being monitored closely for infections. With so many tubes, that is always a worry. However, the doctor said that the fact that both babies are so active is a good sign. They have been referred to as: wiggle worms, feisty, extremely active, ect... All of these are wonderful descriptions for such small babies.

Drake has both of his eyes open, Kennedy's are still closed. The footprints are Drakes, and the handprints with one footprint are Kennedy's.

Several people have asked for the address where we are staying. We don't really have one...we are staying in a parent room at the NICU in Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. If an address is something you would like to have, we can receive mail at Annie's parents house in McKinney. 2218 Forest Crk, McKinney, TX, 75070.


  1. What wonderful words to hear your describing your babies! Such strong and encouraging words. Just think Drake can now see you (sort of)...he can finally put an image to the voices he's heard for so long. And I know Kennedy will open her eyes soon, she won't be able to let her brother have all the fun! The hand and foot prints are just darling, someday all of you will look at them and go "really? they were once that tiny?", what a wonderful keepsake for you. One to watching your fiesty, wiggley babies continue to grow and get stronger!

    1. Thank you, Theresa! They really are absolutely amazing!

  2. I am crying right now- I guess tears of joy after reading the last 3 updates- such great news to hear! Keep it up little ones! We are so proud of you for keeping strong!

  3. Congrats on the birth of your beautiful babies! You don't know me but my cousin, Jennifer Blankenship, contacted me about your family. Our oldest kiddos are 5yo b/g twins born at 27 weeks gestation. Our son, Bradyn, was 2lb 10 oz and our daughter, Angelina, 1 lb 7 oz. Bradyn didn't really have any complications just growing with a couple of transfusions and 3 months in NICU, he was discharged just before their due date. However, Angelina had multiple complications beginning with being under developed for her gestation, PDA issues, etc. landing her 5 months in NICU before coming home.

    In one of your posts you said that what you are going through only someone of experience could imagine and I am here to give you two support as that family who has been there. While ours were 2 weeks older, Angelina experienced many of the things you are facing now because of being under developed.

    The best advice we received from an NICU nurse, we didn't know anyone who had been through this experience to turn to, was "don't play the What-If game." Take things day by day, decision by decision.

    Please feel free to email, call or txt, or even facebook anytime if you need a parent's perspective on this roller coaster you will be on for a while. I feel like we were very tough during this time, but I have to say I would have given anything to ask questions from someone who had real experience with a child in NICU, especially a child in such fragile condition.

    We are in Fort Worth so not very far from where you are.

    Praying for your family,

    Andrea Safford

  4. Thank you so much for sending us a message along with your information. The doctors and nurses have been wonderful here at Dallas Presby. We will definitely contact you with parent of preemie questions.