Saturday, July 28, 2012

On A Roll

Overall, we had a good day today. These little ones have been on a roll, and the good days have been keeping our spirits up. There were a few things that had us concerned, but with some precautionary x-rays everything was fine.

Drake had to have 3 X-rays today. The doctor said that through the normal scouting X-ray that they do three times per week, they saw something in his intestines that resembled a blockage. They continued to watch it through several more X-rays throughout the day. Luckily it was just stool. Tomorrow will be the day he will have a sonogram and X-ray on his knee. Then on Monday the orthopedic doctor will come in and take a look. The poor knee is not going down in size while his body continues to lose the fluid weight. Everything else is going really well. Food is increasing, ventilator settings are decreasing and mommy/Drake kangaroo time happens daily!

Kennedy is continuing to move forward. She no longer has any IV's going into her arms or legs. She is only receiving mommy's milk, which is a huge step. Her ventilator settings are remaining low. Her little personality is shining through...and let me tell you there is nothing little about it. We are going to have our hands full! Now that the PIC line is out and she no longer requires IVs, she is wearing her first real preemie outfit...even if it is too big. We were not able to get pictures, but we will definitely have some tomorrow.

Pictures: One of Drake and one of Kennedy doing kangaroo time.


  1. So glad you guys had a good day. The pictures are precious. You guys are always in our prayers.

    Jolain LaMott

  2. Grow babies...GROW! ;) So glad the sun has been shining on Team Gilstrap! Praying sweet Drake's knee is better soon! Can't wait to see Miss Kennedy in her new outfits!

  3. Those are precious pictures! They will never believe they were ever so small.

    Praying over Amazing Drakes knee tonight and praising the Lord for he and Kennedys good days.

  4. Praying for continued progress and that Drake's knee gets better.<><

  5. Great news! We pray for all of you everyday. Thanks for the updates. Hope sonogram goes well.

  6. I check for updates daily and just sing PRAISE as you continue to have great days full of progress and growth. I continue to lift you all up in prayer .

    Lyndsey Peden Newton
    Azle, Tx

  7. Yvonne and SydneyJuly 29, 2012 at 7:33 AM

    Continued prayers for your precious babies!

  8. This is Kara and Kaitlyn. We are praying for you and your babies everyday. I really do miss you cause you were my teacher in the kindergarden. Hope you are ok and your babies love you.

  9. Awesome progress, Go Drake and Kennedy! :)

    Keeping you all in our prayers, glad to see God doing so well in all of your lives :)

  10. Truly amazing what has taken place in these babies lives. So happy for the progress they have made and I pray that the roll continues!!