Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grow Babies Grow

Drake and Kennedy will officially be one month old at 2:32/2:33 am. It is hard to believe it. We started this morning out with good news. Drakes white blood count went down overnight, so they decided not to puncture the knee to look for further infection. Prayers continue to work for these two little fighters.

Drake is looking better and better each day. He is beginning to get back to the size he is supposed to be. It has been so difficult to see him suffer, swelling to the point where he could not move his arms. He is now able to flail about like his sister which is so exciting to see. He is still holding approximately 8-10 ounces of unwanted fluids, but is still urinating at exceptional rates. He is now completely off of ALL the diuretics and pain meds, and is currently not showing any signs of withdrawals from the medicines either. As with his body, his knee is still enlarged and bruised. Thankfully, it is slowly getting better. He had to have another blood transfusion today so he did not get to eat. He will resume feedings this evening.

Little Kennedy is growing like a weed, she is 1 oz shy of the 3 pound mark. She is currently maxed out on the volume of milk she can get, which is 16cc every three hours, so they are beginning to fortify it with additional calories. This is definitely a movement in the right direction. The doctors and nurses said that once she is handling the fortified milk well, they can take out the central PIC line that she has in her arm. She is absolutely enjoying her kangaroo time with mommy and a look of complete relaxation overtakes her body...until they take her away!

Pictures: The most stylish isolette covers in the NICU. Proudly made by their uncle Aaron.


  1. So glad to read this! Kepp going strong, babies!! Can't wait to see picture of Drake!

  2. So AWESOME to hear!! God is good and He will never forsake us! Although I have never met u and yr family... There is not a prayer that goes by that we don't pray for y'all!! U are an amazing writer and your words have done more than encouraged and inspired so many people....u show them the power to BELIEVE and know that God is in control! Keep up the good coaching and keep BELIEVING!!!! Prayers to all!!

  3. Such good news! I just want to thank God for giving the doctors and nurses the wisdom to wean Drake off his meds perfectly so that he can get back to eating and growing. Sounds like they are both getting a lot of first downs lately! Thanks for continuing to post - it gives us all joy to share in your good news.

  4. Wonderful news today and prayers continue for all of you. SO happy to hear baby Drake's white count is dropping,and that baby Kennedy is doing so well and enjoying Kangaroo love time with Momma. May God continue to guide your medical team and hold you up in His gentle hands.<>< Gods got this:) <3 ><>

  5. Saw a rainbow today and it instantly made me think of your sweet babies. Glad to hear that they are doing so well. Sending prayers for more uneventful days like these.

  6. Glad to see our two fighters keep fighting and each round keeps going to them :) They have God in their corner though, so nothing can stop these two from growing like weeds :)

    Great news to hear! It is always so refreshing to see such good news day after day lately :)


  7. Keep it up babies!!!!

    Yvonne an Stdney

  8. I'm so excited for you! What a blessing to hear about the prayers that are being answered daily. Go Kennedy & Drake....keep growing!!!


  9. Heard about you and your precious little ones through a family member asking for prayers for you all and have been praying every day. Praise God for such great news!
    Keeping the prayer going in Denver!

  10. Happy one month Drake and Kennedy! What a month it has been!! Love the covers, Aaron and thank you so much for thinking of the Velcro camera hole!!!

  11. So happy to hear the great growing and healing news! Still praying for you guys!

    Jennifer (Dallas)

  12. Uncle aaron needs to go into business! Very cool!

    Great job Drake and Kennedy! You two are Gods special gifts of inspiration to all of us.

    Brian and Annie, I am so happy for the two of you ...what a testament to your marriage.

    Cannot wait to see Drake kangarooing with momma.

    We will be Keeping up the powerful prayer, and you guys keep up the miraculous progress!!!

  13. Grow babies grow is right! What true miracles and blessing of God! Happy one month birthday Drake and Kennedy! What strong fighters you are! Prayers for you all are never ending! Can't wait to see more picture of these precious miracles!