Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Quiet Day

We don't really have much to report today. The babies are both doing well and it has been a quiet day. Luckily, Annie's mom was able to spend the day with the babies and ease our minds, because Annie and I had to come back home to Tyler, as I prepare for the upcoming work week. I am very sad to be leaving our babies for the week, but relieved in knowing that Annie will be there with them. I am very thankful for the technology that allows me to see and talk to both Drake and Kennedy on a webcam at any time in their isolettes.

Drake: They did an X-ray and sono of Drake's knee today and the orthopedic doctor will be coming by tomorrow to take a look. We are anxious to see what the doctor has to say. They have upped Drake's food to 20cc and he is receiving extra calories. Last night was his last round of antibiotics.

Kennedy: She is still doing very well. She stays on very low settings with the ventilator and is up to 28cc with her feedings. She is on even higher calories than brother. With Drake losing weight (from the excess fluid) and Kennedy gaining weight, they are about to meet up at the 3# mark! This is a good point for both of them.

Annie will be taking over writing the blog for the daily updates due to me returning for work. We can work on them together on the weekends.


  1. I love you all! Our little angels are growing! Double the joy :)

  2. Hang in there Brian while at work, knowing that Annie and the staff at the hospital as well as the rest of the family are taking care of Drake and Kennedy, and they are in very good hands. If you are back here in Houston, glad to come meet you for dinner one night to talk and see how you are doing.

    Drake and Kennedy keep growing slowly but surely, every day is good for them, and one day soon enough, you can bring these two beautiful babies home :)

    Have a great week ahead Brian, and hang in there, you will make it till the weekend!

    Drake and Kennedy, you two keep growing this week and be good, so your dad won't have anything to worry about, and can look forward to seeing you again on Friday :)

    Annie, you are a very strong and brave woman, and I know you will do just fine this week watching over them. You are in my prayers as the rest of you are, and I know you can handle this week.

    God bless all of you!

  3. Precious pictures! I'm so happy that you have been having a few quiet days. We continue to pray every night for you guys!

  4. Ohmygoodness ohmygoodnes!! Those pictures are so sweet! I love kennedy in big girl clothes!!! Drake is so handsome with that dark hair of his

    Brian you have proven what a strong daddy you are at the hospotal, now you go to do what God created you for--providing for your family. Rest assurred that while it will be hard to leave them, they love and admire you for working so hard for them. As wifes and moms we need you to be secure that we can hold down the fort while encouraging and thanking you for your sacrifices out side of the home. Ill pray for extra strength for you.

    Annie i am praying for your peace of mind as Brian returns to work. You both as a team are already showing up other parents! You have your hands ful at home/hospital, but you already are a super mom! You can do anything! God picked you especially for these kiddos :-) and for your hubby. I admire the both of you :-)

    Kennedy: you are such a pretty girl. You keep up the good eatin sweet pea.

    Drake: wowbuddy! You are gonna catch up with sissy in the meal time in no time! You take care of your mommy and sissy --while daddy is gone you are the man of the house.

  5. Praying the quiet days continue! Praying you get some definative answers about Drake's little knee. Praying your work week passes quickly so you can return to your sweet family! Praying for continued strength and peace for your entire family!

  6. So glad to hear the positive updates! I know the return to work is difficult, but what a blessing that you were able to have the last month to be by their sides. On a side note, I'm completely jealous and excited at the sane time that you two get kangaroo time with the babies... our Wesley was never stable enough to do that and we had to wait 3 1/2 months to even hold him for the first time. Drake and Kennedy are so lucky to have parents and grandparents who would do so much for them. Continued prayers for good health and a shortened NICU stay!!!

  7. Yvonne and SydneyJuly 30, 2012 at 7:17 AM

    So happy for such a good report! Everytime I show Sydney the pictures of the babies she wants to get in the car to go see them! They are beautiful! Both those babies with their fighting strength deserve gold medals!

  8. Thank you for taking time to share. I pray for your little ones daily and check your post each evening. I am praying Drake's knee issue is resolved soon. They both look so very good; praying you have no more major scares but know you have prayer warriors standing by when called upon. <>< God's got this. ><>