Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drakes CO2 Levels

A quick update on Drake from last night. The doctors and respiratory therapists think that his rapid change in the CO2 saturations may have been caused by the last set of changes they made to his ventilator. The oscillator ventilation system he has been on for the last few weeks, is set at its minimum settings. He is doing well on is oxygen requirements the last couple days so they cut his support way down. It may be too much for the machine to adequately function. They made some adjustments over night, which made some slight changes to his saturation levels. His high temperature may have been just a fluke as he has resumed normal body temp.

They just now moved him to a conventional respirator, one like Kennedy is currently using. This is definitely a first down as he seems to be adjusting to it quite well. A few days on this and it could be kangaroo time for him!!!

Photo: Kennedy showing us she can hold the pacifier all by herself.


  1. I KNOW Mom can't wait for kangaroo time with Drake! And look at that pacifier....it looks so huge! ;) Way to GROW babies...keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the update on Drake. He is an amazing little man! What a great first down too! That picture of Little Miss Kennedy is too cute for words!
    Praying Drake can get some kangaroo time very soon!

  3. Great News!! I was a little worried after yesterday's post. I pray they would keep progressing. Kangaroo time will be so special.


  4. Thank you for the latest post. These little children and your families are in my prayers daily.

  5. Yay!!! That is fabulous news


  6. Awesome news! I love the pic of lil Kennedy and her pacifier. Drake getting kangaroo time is much needed by all!

    Love ya'll,


  7. Such wonderful news. So glad to hear Drake may be getting kangaroo time and he is doing better. And so thankful Kennedy is continuing to do so good. Love the picture of Kennedy. Continuing to keep you all in prayers. Praise God for these two precious miracles and the progress they make. Keep up the great work babies. God Bless. Sandra

  8. Drake always winning each little battle placed in his path. Now that is amazing to see God so easily fix anything :-) God really is working a miracle each day and showing the world that these two are HIS.

    Kennedy, keep growing strong and enjoying your time with mommy. She is so proud of you.

    Everyone keep watching this beautiful story unfold as the lives of these two will touch this world with needed love.

  9. So excited for Drake to be moving to the conventional vent. That's a big step! I pray he will be able to do kangaroo care soon. It looks like Kennedy has moved from an og tube to an ng tube too. She is making so much progress. It sounds like she may be close to another CPAP attempt soon. I have loved reading about your twins amazing journey. It brings back so many memories for me. Can't wait to read the post when you finally are able to bring those sweet babies home!

  10. We have a little prayer warrior team for these babies in Northeast Georgia. It is so good to hear Drake is doing better today. We shall keep those prayers going UP! <>< God's got it!

  11. Prayers, prayers & more prayers.
    Happy 1 month BD little friends!
    Betsy. (BJ's friend.)

  12. My prayers continue. These babies are incredible (it you dont ever get tired of hearing that , do you?:-))

    So now that the new settings are working and kangaroo time os around the corner for Drake, does he het his bath tonight? Also I was curious about the menegitis testing...? When will they make a decision on that? I know he is a perfect boy, God has him covered .

    I cannot wait to see Drake with mommy and then with sissy and mommy for kangaroo time! I bet he misses his sissy, it has been a month since they were roomies!!

    Prayers of blessings and continued success for Team Gilstrap

  13. Your updates on Drake and Kennedy are inspiring... we don't know each other but your story goes out to people in my community and so many people are praying for you and your family! Much love and more hugs from Austin TX and Kansas.

  14. Oh my goodness, that paci is huge compared to Kennedy! It really puts things in perspective. So glad the kiddos seemed to have had better days today. Yay for potential kangaroo time for Drake!

  15. So excied for great news! The pacifier looks huge! Haha