Saturday, June 30, 2012

6/30 evening update

This afternoon/evening has been difficult for Kennedy. Her blood gasses have consistently diminished in regards to her CO2 levels. They have been raising her oxygen and increasing all of her settings on the ventilator throughout the day. The X-ray they just ordered shows that her tube may need to go in another centimeter. This may be what's inhibiting her from receiving the air she needs.  The team to do that is on their way now. At this point we are usual.   Drake on the other hand has been having a nice relaxed day. I think that is his way of looking after his sister so the doctors can get her all fixed up. He is one minute older than her so he feels like he is the older brother taking care of sissy. Tomorrow brings another echo cardiogram for Drake's heart to see if the second round of indocin worked.  If it is not working, we will have to begin thinking about surgical closure. Please pray for Drake and Kennedy both tonight...specifically for Kennedy to get her respiratory gasses in balance and for Drakes PDA valve results to come back favorable.


  1. Always in our prayers. -Kelly and Emily

  2. I don't know you (or your family) personally, but I happened across this blog through a mutual friend.

    Your entire family is in my heart and mind. I am sending you all -- Mommy, Daddy, Drake and Kennedy -- all of my love.