Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stay strong little Drake!

Well it is evident that Drake's infection is hitting him much harder than what Kennedy was going through at her worst. He is being treated for a Gram negative infection which is less common and more severe than the Gram positive infection that Kennedy is fighting. The infection is attacking his red and white blood cells and they are taking so much blood for his tests, that he has received 4 blood transfusions and 2 platelet transfusions in the last two days. His tiny little body is so puffed up and swollen from the infection and all the things they are pumping into him, he doesn't even look like our little Drake. They have an infectious disease doctor coming in today to evaluate his circumstance and see what adjustments need to be made to his care and antibiotics. They moved him to an oscillator ventilation machine yesterday  hoping it would help his CO2 levels.  He is on very high settings and receiving very high amounts of oxygen just to keep his CO2 levels the same, which are considered very high. Kennedy is still sick but very stable (this is what I like to call looking for the good within the bad.)  She is getting lots of rest to help combat her infection.  These are the downs that the doctors kept telling us were coming.  They could tell us over and over, but nothing could have prepared us for the extreme mental/emotional drain this is having on us.  Seeing our babies doing so well last week, actively kicking and moving to little or no movement now is a struggle.


  1. I'm sure it is hard to see your little baby
    "puffed up and swollen." I pray God would touch Drake and Kennedy with his healing hand!!


  2. Prayers continue to pour out for you and your precious, sweet angels!