Tuesday, June 28, 2016

River Fun

We literally floated down memory lane during our fun trip to New Braunfels this week! Brian and I met 16 years ago while attending college in San Marcos, TX. We have more idea how many times we have floated the river during college, but we do know that it's been at least 10 years since our last float. We stayed in a condo overlooking the Comal River along with my sister & her family! It is so much fun watching our kids play and interact with each other! The best part was that we we located on a horseshoe portion of the river. We were able to get in at our condo (past the tube shoot for those familiar with the river) and it was a leisure 35min float to the exit. We only had to walk 1/4 mile back to our condo! A perfect family float!

Thankfully, my sweet mother (Mimi), came to our house and stayed with Drake to help with his care! We could not have traveled in any capacity as a family without help from Mimi! And our sweet Drake learned how to use a new environmental adaptive control switch on loan from TISD. It's been fun being able to connect multiple toys to his button for his control. As you can imagine, these controls are very expensive (anything for special needs is about 10 Xs the price it should be. Luckily for Drake, Uncle Matt took a look at it and is going to build one for us!! 

A big Thank You to Aunt Gigi, cousin Hannah, and Yea-yea for throwing an amazing Finding Dory birthday party for our sweet girl!! I think we came back with a carload of gifts for both Drake & Kennedy! We still can't believe they are...4 years old!! Visiting some very dear friends in the NICU today brought back a flood of memories. 4 years can seem like a distant memory and yet right in the rear view mirror all at the same time. 

Enjoying the view! Kennedy 4, Jacob 3.5, Elizabeth 2

Road trip!

Pit stop for a diaper change & bottle

I love this picture of Brian & Hayes!


The girls loved it!!

Family time!!

Birthday celebration! Yea-yea did an amazing job on the cake!!

Two little cutie pies!

Happy Boy!!

Yea-yea made her a Dory outfit & she got a Dory helmet from Aunt Gigi & Hannah

Cool new Crayola Suckers with Speech Therapy! This helps ensure he isn't aspirating anything. We are able to check through suctioning that nothing colored has gone into his lungs. 

Love his guy! Yin & Yang

Wouldn't be complete without a visit to Gruene! 

And Gruene Hall! 

Fell asleep in his stander

We visited Canyon Lake Animal Shelter! "I totally want a kitten"

..."and a doggy"

Fireworks, too!!

Hannah was surrounded by love!!!

A big thank you to Brian & Aaron for making this Girls Lunch possible!!

Threw in a little "work" with my amazing team!!!!


  1. love love love your beautiful family

  2. So glad to see you enjoyed your trip. Loved the Dory outfit on Kennedy. So glad to see Drake enjoying things most kids his age get to enjoy. He's growing so fast. I'm always glad to hear about Drake's improvement since I began following you. I'm proud of the things you & Brian have achieved! Sort of like your my adopted kids my heart swells at the great things you both have achieved with your lives & those of your children. Enjoy the rest of the week.