Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Birthday Week

This is officially their birthday week!! It's still hard to believe it's been 4 years since one of the scariest days of our lives (which began a whirlwind of scary days to follow). I have NICU memories that literally seem like they happened yesterday, but then I see how far our sweet babies have come since that day.

We took Kennedy to see her first movie on the big screen this week! She was very excited! Finding Dory was a family fun movie and a perfect choice for her first trip to the theater. She's a huge fan of Finding Nemo and now Finding Dory is going to be a favorite, too! When Brian asked her if it was something she wanted to do again, she quickly responded, "yes!" I love watching her experience new things! We are hesitant to take Drake because of the noise level. I think eventually we will try it, but I don't think he is ready yet. Obviously we want it to be an enjoyable experience. 

Drake has been up to his usual amazing self! He seems to be getting so long! We'll be going in for their 4 year check-up soon. I'm eager to hear how much they have grown in the past year! We just found out that Drake's new stander (he's outgrown is old one) can be ordered with swivel wheels instead of straight ones! This is exciting b/c Drake loves to move! While we liked the stander we borrowed to test out it was difficult to move Drake the way he likes to move. 

Speaking of liking to move...Hayes has gone from crawling to speed crawling!! It still catches me off guard how quickly he can get across a room. And on the move is exactly what he wants to be doing all of the time! It's no surprise that he wants to mess with everything that isn't for babies...dogs' water bowl, Drake's equipment, shoes, ect...

Father's Day was fun to celebrate! It's getting more and more fun to make Father 's Day gifts now that Kennedy is old enough to really participate! She loves helping and she loves her daddy so this is a win/win situation. 

4 years ago June represented a terrifying time in our life filled with unknowns. While our future is still filled unknowns, we are excited about what lies ahead! 

Happy Father's Day from our wild crew!

Bedtime giggles!!

Finding Dory!

She's growing up so fast!!

Our little gymnast!

Snuggles with my birthday babies!!

Nice head control!

Pool time!

Into everything!!

Headed out to fish with daddy!

Out like a light!