Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mixing it up!

This past week our nurses have swapped some days, and I have to admit it has thrown me off of knowing what day of the week it is each day. I get so used to having Lisa here on Monday-Thursday and Lindsey here Friday-Sunday. When that routine gets altered, it's easy to see how day of the week confusion is possible. 

Drake is doing really well and he had vision therapy today. He always enjoys working with his therapists, but vision comes with a bag of toys making her a favorite for both Drake and Kennedy! 

Kennedy is really enjoying the start to her summer; we are now doing gymnastics twice each week, which she loves so much. Today, she went fishing with her daddy and caught 16 fish! She is apparently quite the little fisherman! I'm looking forward to going with them soon to see for myself. 

Hayes is growing up so fast...he's crawling and waving!! Where did my baby go?? He is definitely the missing piece to our family that we didn't know was missing. 

His joy is contagious 

She drew a picture of me & then wanted to hold my hand in the photo! 

Here comes trouble 

Supervising yard work 

Vision therapy 

Nice work, buddy!