Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Celebrating the NEW

Our past week has been filled with "NEW": 
>Hayes has entered a NEW year in his life
>Our Brewery was delivered NEW equipment 
>We officially began with our NEW day nurse

While change and NEW are usually met with opposition, each of these were met with open arms for our family. Hayes has decided since he is the BIG 1 that he is ready to take a few steps! He's not running across any rooms yet, but it definitely won't be long! 

Our brewery is really starting to come along! We've had 2 shipments in the past week and our final equipment will arrive on Friday! We've had fun being with Daddy and Uncle Matt for each of the deliveries! Fun Fact...We've learned that Daddy has some pretty amazing forklift skills! Not that it really surprises me! Seeing the building really begin to take shape is building excitement and anticipation! 

Our new nurse began last week. She is a very fast learner and has a wonderful demeanor working with Drake, and interacting with Kennedy and Hayes, too! Drake seems to be responding well to her! There are a lot of variables with finding the right nurse: competency level as a nurse, compassion with Drake, and fit with our family (including Harlee & Riot). Our new nurse is a really good fit for our family! 

Grocery shopping with these two was pretty fun and definitely entertaining!

B/c every birthday boy needs cake!


Happy Birthday!!


He's getting a little big for her!

Standing it the middle of the room!!

Celebrating Papa's Birthday!

Watching Daddy & Uncle Matt unload equipment!

Helping Daddy!

Having a little picnic lunch at the brewery!

Breathing treatment! 

She got to add her handprint to the concrete slab for our Glical Chiller!

She loves our neighbor's Halloween decoration! 

More deliveries!

Overseeing everything!


Kennedy and I attended a wonderful musical put on by Robert E Lee High School with our friend, Eleni. It was wonderful seeing many of my former students on stage! What was Kennedy's favorite part...
The candy!!


  1. wonderful strides forward for your family Hayes is getting so big and Drake and Kennedy look great also congrats