Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Smother's Week

Looking into the sweet faces of Drake, Kennedy & Hayes make me happy to be their mother every day...actually, they make me thankful to be their mommy! My Mother's Day was complete with a homemade breakfast, lunch & dinner along with a single rose delivered by my sweet Kennedy! We sent Happy Mother's Day videos to the special mothers in our lives, but Kennedy sounded more like Happy Smother's Day on the messages. On the message to Mimi, Hayes chimed in with his message and it caught me completely off guard! He was just too funny! 

Brian said one day simply isn't enough; therefore, we are celebrating Mother's Week around our home! I'm certainly not going to argue about that! On Thursday, we took a fun family boat ride on the lake! It was Hayes' very first boat ride, and he really seemed to enjoy it! We even had a picnic dinner out on the water! Definitely Kennedy approved! 
On Friday we took a family walk down to our neighborhood park, and Hayes experienced another first on the swings! His smile was a good sign that he loved every second! 

Today we packed everyone up for a visit to Prosthetics Orthotics Associates here in Tyler to have adjustments made to Drake's leg braces. His right AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) was causing a sore on his ankle. After several adjustments, they seem to be much better! Lisa and I were excited to have a "quick" appointment here in Tyler! We only needed: his chair, vent/tubing, suction machine, emergency bag, and backpack! His therapist thought we were funny this morning when we were talking about "traveling light." Hey, for us, that is traveling light! 

Just when we thought our nursing situation was ideal...Poor Lisa is still having to deal with the aftermath and drama of her car accident. Our other day nurse, Lindsey, injured her shoulder and is currently recovering. One of our night nurses informed us that he can no longer work on Friday nights...as bad as this may sound, Lisa is making progress, Lindsey is already feeling better and at least we have night nursing 6 days per week! Plus, they are all really wonderful and we can't have just anyone caring for Drake. 

On this Mother's Week and every week I am forever thankful to my 3 precious kiddos who made me a mom...a truly lucky mom! 

My little loves! 

Real life! 

7 Months Old!!!

Brother time!

He loves the swings! 

Park time!

Baby's 1st boat ride!

She loves her daddy!

I love this one! 

Group pic!

My baby boy!

Future nurse or doctor???

King of the house!

Everyone was great during Drake's appointment! 

Sprinkler fun!

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