Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Driving & Dancing

Wow! What a busy & successful weekend!! I-20 was very familiar with me headed back and forth all weekend long! I enjoyed such an exciting trip full of personal growth in Dallas with my amazing team, but I was not about to miss my sweet girls first dance recital. Mimi came to help with the kids Thursday through Sunday! I don't think I could ever fully express how thankful we are for her help and support! She's a true God send! 

One of my drives to Dallas even consisted of a reevaluation for Drake with his new Speech Therapist. All of this therapist are excited about his progress and looking forward to working with him on new goals. My heart fills with pride to hear that he has mastered previous goals!! This is HUGE!!! The difference we have seen in our sweet boy since he began taking supplements is undeniable! When you see something have such an impact in your own life, you just can't help but want to share it with everyone! 

Kennedy's dance recital was even more exciting than I expected! Watching her preform on stage was heart warming! For a 3 year-old performing, we were all very much impressed with how well she did! The best part was during her tap routine when she was waving and blowing me kisses on the side of the stage...oh, how I love that girl! 

Brian did an amazing job as Super Daddy this weekend! He even took Kennedy & Hayes swimming! Hayes attended a meeting at the brewery with daddy while Kennedy was at her dance rehearsal with Mimi! Spending a little extra one-on-one time with their daddy is good for them...and for him :) 

Pool time with Daddy!

He's getting so big!

My handsome boy! 

Ready to dance!

"hi mom!"

The finale!

So proud of our tiny dancer!

Breaking ground at the brewery!!!

So proud to call these amazing women my business partners! 

Another wonderful business partner! 

My sister's sweet family!!