Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Months Old & In the Hospital

Drake and Kennedy are 10 months old today! It is bittersweet because I am not able to enjoy this day with them at home together. On Monday our pediatrician sent us from her office in Tyler on to Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas. Gran met us at he hospital to pick up Kennedy before Drake was admitted. They did a 4hr breathing treatment on him and followed that with breathing treatments every 2hrs. Maybe by tomorrow he will be able to move to treatments every 3hrs. He is currently being giving 2 types of breathing treatments, steroids, nose drops and they added an inhaler today.

Overall Drake had a better day today than he did yesterday. Only one poke for blood this morning and his CBC looked great! This confirms that he is battling a viral infection and it has been tough on his little lungs. On a bright note...they were able to wean his oxygen support down from 2L to 1L! I am hopeful tomorrow will bring even more progress with weaning him down closer to his normal level of 1/8L.

We are praying for this to be a short hospital stay! It is hard on both of us to adjust to hospital life again after becoming accustom to being at home. I'm back to holding my precious baby boy with a tangled mess if wires, tubes and leads. This feels like déjà vu...a rewind to last summer. I know that "this too shall pass." Praying for that to be sooner rather than later.

This virus is tough on our little fighter and his lungs, but we know we are in good hands. Kennedy is battling the same virus but it looks very different on her. Gran and Poppy are giving her breathing treatments and alternating Tylenol and Motrin. I'm glad that this seems to be helping. I'm ready for two happy and healthy babies again!

Gran brought Kennedy down to Dallas for a cranial appointment this morning. Since our sweet At-Home nurse was here with us in Drake's hospital room, she stayed with him while I went down to grab a quick hug and kiss from my baby girl. She was very surprised when she saw me! I can't wait to be back at home with both of my sweet babies...oh, and with Brian too!


  1. Get well soon Drake and Kennedy! This crud is annoying but you two can beat it just like everything else placed before you! :-) God made you two fighters and I know you can do it :-)

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital.I hope that little Drake feels better soon and you guys get home!

  3. I will be up there tomorrow if you are still there. I sent you my number. Let me know if you need anything.

  4. Prayers for you and Drake and blessings from above for the gift of family who is there for you!

  5. So thankful Drake is feeling better and getting a little fiesty with all the RTs, nurses, and even his little momma!! How great for him to be moving his hands, head and neck in new ways. What wonderful blessings to receive while Drake is in the hospital!! Sounds like your nurse is another huge blessing! How awesome to have a nurse that obviously sees her job as more than a profession. That's the way you always were as a teacher, Annie. It wasn't just a job; it was a ministry that you took seriously everyday. You "paid it forward," and now it's coming back to you!!! Glad Miss Kennedy is doing better! I can't wait for Mother to get her tomorrow so I can show her Kennedy's contest picture for Brookshires. I'm going to sign Mother up tomorrow when she gets here with her Brookshires' card. Then I can cast two votes a day!!! Kennedy's picture is hands down the cutest one! What a clever idea!!! It's priceless. She is such a ham.....and I think she is starting to know it just a little, don't you. So thankful for all the smiles and laughter she brings. How will you and Brian be able to keep a straight face in the event you ever have to correct her in the future????? Good luck with that!! Continuing to pray for that sweet little guy and extra strength for Mommy!