Friday, November 1, 2013

Noted Progress

Today Drake and I embarked on another trip to his developmental doctor. As much as I wanted to reschedule this appointment, I decided we should just tough it out and get it over with. These appointments are very long and draining. As you can imagine, Drake does not tend to perform on cue. These appointments are a snapshot into his developmental progress. I can tell the doctor that Drake does this and that until I am blue in the face, but until she actually sees it for herself, she doesn't fully believe me. Even though Drake's sweet nurse, Lisa, is off on Fridays (because we are usually back in Tyler), she met us at the doctor's office in Dallas so that I wouldn't have to face this appointment alone. She gets as frustrated as I do when we leave these appointments. 

We met in the parking lot prior to the appointment and embarked on our appointment as a team. Even though our developmental doctor refuses to acknowledge our progress with Hyperbaric Treatments or our Snowdrop program, she was elated with his overall progress since our last visit. She is a good doctor with years of experience in her field, she just isn't open to new "experimental" types of treatments. However, the way I see things, until you are placed in a situation like we are, you can't really say what you would or would not be willing to do for the possible betterment of your child's quality of life. As long as we know something isn't going to hurt our little guy, we are willing to take the chance on it possibly helping. 

...And help it has...the doctor kept mentioning that she couldn't get over the progress Drake has made since she last saw him in July. Well...let's see...what is new since July...Snowdrop! We began Drake's specific Snowdrop program in July, and we have been diligently working with him daily on all of his exercises. I strongly believe that it is a combination of his program along with his Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapies that have helped him progress to where he is today. I can't wait for her to see his improvements at our next visit! He is doing so well that we are not scheduled for our next visit until May when he and Kennedy go for their adjusted 18month appointment.

Speaking of was one year ago today when I was able to leave the hospital with her for the 1st time! That was the date when she came home and began her life out of the hospital and in the "normal" world!  

So happy! 

He fell asleep on the way home from the doctor. Also, he is too hot natured to wear his pants in the car. 

He's getting so strong!

Our attempt at a picture together on Halloween. 

Then:  November 1, 2012 & Now:  November 1, 2013 :)


  1. how wonderful to see the changes of a year and drake is getting so strong i am so proud of his progress ty for sharing i feel as if i know you and your babies such dedication u have god will save a special spot for u

  2. Glad he is improving so wonderfully! Angelina's neurologist, after 4 years of HBOT, is now a believer so hopefully their Dr will come around in time :) They are both so adorable!!
    Andrea Safford