Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Steps

Both babies are experiencing Baby Steps this week, and we are so thankful.  Drake's steps are causing some discomfort--he is cutting teeth.  Thank goodness for Tylenol and Motrin!  The doctor has told us that he has been slower in cutting these upper teeth because he is not able to hold onto and naw on toys/hands like Kennedy and Jacob. Even though this is making Drake very uncomfortable, we know it is a good step for our sweet boy.  Soon he will have the upper teeth to go along with those little bottom ones.

Then there is Kennedy--within a short week, she has truly taken off with her walking.  She is going everywhere!!  Her balance improves daily.  She is just so cute, especially since she is so petite.  We are having trouble finding shoes small enough for her that also are not slick on the bottom.  Babies who are this small usually aren't walking.  Her Daddy really enjoyed watching her improve and master this major milestone over the weekend.  

The holidays are fast approaching, and we regret that we cannot spend these with our entire extended family.  We are once again staying away, especially for Drake's health.  Maybe by next year he will have a stronger immune system.  For now, we will be content enjoying our holidays as a family unit on our own.  Drake has already had 3 bouts with congestion and had to go back on oxygen since Fall started.  We will do everything possible to keep our little man healthy.  That has to be our main goal.  The only people with whom we can spend any time must have a T-DAP and a flu shot.  Even then, we need to be sure the person/persons are not experiencing any symptoms of congestion or cough at all.  Even though Kennedy seems to have a much stronger immunity than her brother, we still have to make sure she is not exposed to something and carry it to Drake, accidentally.  

Lifting his head for short time to see the lights from the TV! Very impressive!!!

Working on motor skills while playing with beads 

Baby on the move!

She is loving walking :)

Just being cute!

She loves books!

Snuggling with Gran!

She is walking all over the house, but still checking to make sure we are watching. 


  1. so wonderful to see beautiful babies i mproving so much god bless u and all your family

  2. You might try using a rasp or metal file on the bottoms of her shoes to scuff and rough them up. That has helped our family in the past.