Friday, November 15, 2013

Shopping with Daddy!

Kennedy's immune system is much stronger than Drake's; therefore, she is not on as strict of a lockdown as Drake. She is eating up the opportunities to spend some quality time out in the "real world" with her daddy! I love seeing the two of them together! This gives me time to work with Drake on his therapies, and it is a wonderful opportunity for Kennedy to spend time with her daddy. Daddy said she has been very well behaved on both of her outings. 

Speaking of Drake...he amazed both of his home therapist today with his improvements! He turned himself from his side to his tummy and raised his head up for several seconds. He also grabbed his beads (marti gras beads used for therapy) for almost 2 minutes and pulled back on them during repeated games of tug-of-war with me. 

On Thursday we had a meeting about Drake's annual qualification for MDCP (Medically Dependent Children's Program - this is what allows Drake to have At-Home Nursing). We enjoyed meeting with his case worker and the state nurse, and they liked seeing how much Drake has changed in the passed year, too. Ideally we would love for Drake to improve so much that he will no longer qualify for the program; however, in the mean time, we are forever grateful to have the help which this program provides to our family. 

Let's do this, daddy! 

Let me see...I think we got everything on Mommy's list.

Sweet baby boy!

Some things never change :) One year ago we were able to finally bring our sweet baby boy home from the hospital, and our family was complete! 

Our sweet girl sleeps on her tummy now...every night :)

Such a hard worker each and every day! 

Here bubba, you can play with this. 

She is always trying to help! She even tossed toys over her play-yard fence to him today during his therapies. She is such a sweetie! 


  1. your babies are so beautiful i never tire of your blog of their progress thank you for taking time to keep us updated i feel as if i know you and them keep up the great work you are a lucky and very good mom

  2. Love love love watching them grow!!!!

  3. Good to have the cart protector just in case! I know she is loving that! I will never forget that night she screamed and screamed at Meredith and I because she knew her daddy was available! Lol

  4. Yeah! I finally fixed my new phone so my comments don't disappear! Amazing all the important things you can accomplish with a day off!
    New iPhones default to block all cookies- which must be enabled along w JavaScript to be supported by Blogger.... Just in case anyone else had the same trouble

    1. Good to know! Glad we were able to visit today! 😊