Friday, November 29, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving!

I have to admit that not being surrounded by extended family does make it not really feel like Thanksgiving. However, we have more than enough to be thankful for around here: all 4 of us are together, Drake is off of his oxygen, for the most part everyone is healthy (Drake has been suffering from a bit of a stomach bug, but is improving on Pedialyte), and Brian's grandmother sent us a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! Brian's dad, Papa, and his brother, Uncle Matt, have been here with us, too. 

Even Uncle Matt mentioned that it really didn't feel like Thanksgiving. I quickly reminded him that I was not wearing lounge wear and had even put on make-up; therefore, this was indeed a special occasion. Kennedy has been a big fan of both the ham and turkey that her daddy fried. Yes, I did say both and yes, there were only 4 adults here to eat. Needless to say we have a few leftovers. 

The best part of this Thanksgiving holiday has been that every day feels like a Saturday. I keep thinking I will need to pack for Dallas tomorrow, but we still have another day! Yes! More family time! 

      Celebrating with our little turkeys! 

   A couple of cutie pies! 

   A boy & his dog lounging and watching football! 

   Sucking his thumb all on his own!!!

    What do you do when you are given pajamas that zip up and don't allow access to your Mickey    button for a night feed? Why, your Uncle Aaron creates a custome Mickey Button Hole, of course! 


  1. so happy to see your babies doing well tyty

  2. Sweet, I love their eyes, so wide and clear.