Friday, November 8, 2013

The Milk Battles

For weeks now, Kennedy and I have been battling it out over milk. Specifically drinking it from a sippy cup rather than a bottle. Sure it would be nice to pack up all of the bottles and remove them from the house leaving her no choice; however, that is not possible since we (along with speech therapy) are still working with Drake on bottles. She loves her sippy long as they are filled with water. When I fill her sippy cup with milk, she takes one sip and then opens her mouth letting all of the milk run out. Perhaps she prefers her milk warmed...nope. Even warmed milk in her sippy cup brings the same outcome. Cue daddy to the rescue! Really?! Surely, the end result would be the same regardless of which caregiver was attempting the switch. I mean at this point I have tried countless times, Gran has tried, Poppy has tried, even Aunt Mere has tried...we all failed. Last night Brian gave her a sippy cup filled with cold milk. I literally said, "Good luck with that!" in a sarcastic tone when only seconds later, to my astonishment she was actually drinking the milk. Nice work, daddy! 

Drake has been busy with his therapies, and today he had two along with his dietitian. As you can see in pictures, he is continuing to grow and put on weight nicely. We are SO proud of him! It used to be a rare occurrence that he could lift his head, and now through his fierce determination, it is a daily affair. It has been 5 months since we first saw his little smile, and it still tickles my heart every time I see it. 

"Thank you for the milk, daddy!"

Our little drummer boy!

Testing out Drake's spinning chair.

Sweet smile! 

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  1. so beautiful as usual god bless you all