Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quick Trip

We had a fun weekend at home with Brian and intended to stay home over the entire week, but Drake was due for his Synagis shots in Dallas this morning. It's better to be safe than sorry, so we drove into McKinney yesterday afternoon just in case freezing temperatures hit overnight. While we were there, Drake received his shots and had PT and Speech therapy. Not bad considering we were only gone a total of 24hrs. As always, I absolutely hate seeing him get shots (a necessary evil). He starts crying as soon as they wipe his legs with alcohol, and my heart sinks. 

Drake has started sucking on his hands, and even being able to hold his hands to his mouth on his own for short periods of time. He was using one hand to hold the other hand in place this week. It was the most remarkable sight! I even snapped a picture of him. One of my friends brought us a playhouse toy that her son has outgrown, and Kennedy was beyond excited when she saw it. She is having a great time exploring and discovering every new thing it can do. We adore seeing the smile and giggle she gives us when she discovers something new! Speaking of discovering something new...while we were in McKinney for Drake's appointments, Kennedy walked into the living room and found my parents lit Christmas Tree. My dad and I watched as she stood in awe...she was saying so many things, but we could only make out the word "Wow!" 

Once again, Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and we are settling into our safe haven of home. It is still not safe and we do not feel comfortable being around our extended families for the holidays...maybe next year. When it comes to Drake and Kennedy, we can never be too safe. Brian's brother will be here with us and his dad will be bringing us dressing, pie & all of the trimmings from Brian's grandma on Thanksgiving evening. We may not be cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, but Brian insist on frying his own turkey. I'm sure it will be amazing & I am really looking forward to it! 

Helping hold his hand to his mouth to suck his thumb! 

Miss Priss!

Cheesy grin!

Sweetie pie!

Ready to check the mail!

Obsessed with her newly discovered bracelet...the rim of a mason jar! 

My little snuggle bug!

Exploring the new playhouse toy!

Coming through the door!

Sucking his finger.

Happy to be home!

Sad that daddy walked out to go scouting for ducks :(

In awe of Gran & Poppy's tree.

Exhausted from his long day and double shots :(


  1. I am so happy to see the growth and progress of these sweet babies of yours!

  2. so beautiful happy thanksgiving god bless you and your family enjoy your posts so much tyty for sharing