Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scottish Rite

Today Lisa and I took Drake to Scottish Rite for his 1st appointment with the orthopedist. We really enjoyed being at Scottish Rite and our appointment went really well. We were amazed at the amount of wonderful volunteers who keep things running smoothly. After checking in we were taken to the ortho waiting area, and it was soon time for weighing and measuring. Any new appointment brings with it the time for me to inform the medical staff with the brief synapses of Drake's medical history. Never a fun moment to relieve, but necessary for the facts to be known. We brought with us xrays of his right knee for them to examine, and after that and a physical exam, we were sent to X-ray again, this time for his hips. 

When we were brought back into a room, the orthopedist, physician assistant and a nurse all came in to meet with us. At that moment, I held Drake a little tighter in my arms, and my heart sank into my stomach. I was fearful of what they had to say and was regretting not taking Brian up on his offer to accompany us to this appointment. The good news is that his hips look great; however, his knee shows that there was an infection at one time (of which we are well aware) that caused some damage. The extent of that damage is still unknown at this time. The best thing we can do is to continue to monitor it as he grows. We are scheduled for a follow-up in 6 months, and in the mean time he does not have any restrictions with his physical therapy. 

Over the weekend Gran and I celebrated the baby shower of one of my dear friends from high school. Since Gran and I were attending the shower and it was opening weekend for duck hunting, we relied on Poppy and Uncle Aaron and Aunt Meredith for babysitting. The plan was to divide and concur! Things went off without a hitch. Poppy took care of Drake providing breathing treatments, meds and feeds, while Uncle Aaron and Aunt Meredith provided a fun play day for Kennedy. She still isn't a huge fan of sharing with Jacob so she wasn't happy the entire time, but for the most part she was full of smiles. 

Happy Boy!

Not so happy sharing Jacob's rocking horse.

Things were better sharing Cheerios! 

Even better finding refuge at the top of his slide with his container of Cheerios! 

Way to go, Drake! His PT told us with his improved head control we could try him in the exersaucer with padded support. 

He did even better than we could have anticipated!!! :) 


  1. so nice to see drake sitting and playing wtg drake kennedy gets cuter daily so sweet

  2. Awe this just warmed my heart! Drake is growing so fast & Kennedy, well she can't help but make us laugh!! Love you guys!

  3. Scottish Rite is an amazing hospital!! I did an internship there one summer and was very impressed with all they have to offer. Y'all are amazing parents giving your children all the resources to help them succeed. Hopefully I will get to meet them in person in the spring once cold and flu season is past again. They are both adorable :)

  4. That is from Tiffany Roberts above - for some reason I can only post as anonymous