Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Walking!!! Celebrating!!! Testing...

The weekend and first of this week have been very busy.  Yes, we did manage a few nights at home in Tyler over the weekend.  However, we came back on Sunday afternoon because of cousin Jacob's Birthday Party!  Saturday was his 1st Birthday.  He had one party on Saturday, but Poppy and Gran were out of town, and we were coming back on Sunday to be with them, so we had a second party then.  Our immediate family, including Jamie's parents, and our nurse, Lisa and her husband, Ky, celebrated with dinner, gifts and, of course, cake!  Meredith also made sure we celebrated Ky's birthday and Jamie's Dad's, as well.  Needless to say, Jacob had a great time.  He has figured out this unwrapping of gifts quite well.

Just before the party ended, Kennedy turned loose, had a tv control in her hand, stood up and walked to take it to Poppy!  He stepped back and she kept going.  She has been taking a few more steps each day!  She truly "Toddles" but she is getting this down very quickly! She will be running in no time! 

Monday brought a Swallow Study for Drake.  Lisa and I had him down at Medical City by 9:30 that morning for his test.  This barium study required him taking the barium, then they tested various consistencies for him to swallow.  They started with thin whole milk consistency and ended with a thick honey consistency.  Drake did the best with the one that was more like nectar.  The test showed that he is aspirating, meaning he has some of the liquid going down his windpipe; therefore, a small amount of liquid is going into the lungs.  We definitely don't need this, as it could cause pneumonia.  With his easy tendency to develop congestion, we don't need anything that could cause more infection.  So, he is now to not take anything by mouth for 3 months and then do another study.  The only times when he can take anything by mouth is when his speech therapist is here and working with him.  We certainly hope this will work and we can go back to feeds by mouth soon. 

We have several other appointments this week, and will go back to Tyler early on Thursday.  Life is never dull around here.  

Walking to Poppy at Jacob's party! 

She is definitely "on the move!"

Gran & Kennedy

The Birthday Boy, Jacob! 

Drake LOVED his sucker in Speech Therapy! 

He even took a little nectar consistency from the bottle! 

All worn out!