Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making the Turn

 After almost a week of illinsess, Drake seems to me making the turn toward recovery as of today! We pray that this continues! Seeing him so very ill has been difficult on all of us. I'm not going to act like being up in the middle of the night has been easy on me because it has not, and lack of sleep has taken it's toll, too. Just seeing his eyes seem happier today has made my heart happy. Kennedy has made her way over to him and kissed his forehead today. This is the sweetest sight to see!

I canceled his chiropractor appointment yesterday as well as his cranial technologies appointment today.  Today he received his synagis shots and also had his speech therapy appointment. He did really well, and showed us that he is on the road to recovery...thank goodness! 

Kennedy is repeating almost everything that we are saying. It is extremely comical and she started saying, "Oh, my!" and "Oh, wow!" today. It's really cute! We love her sweet caring nature that she shows toward Drake. 

A tired little princess. 

She loves to play! 

Holding up all of his weight! Even while under the weather! 

Still managing a smile! 

Eating off of her own plate! She was so proud! 


  1. beautiful as always was glad to see drake holding his body up way to go drake god bless dont forget to take care of mommy

  2. So beautiful!! Can really see the changes in Drake. He is really doing great! Love your blog and seeing your babies grow and develop! Like was said above....Take care of Mommy!