Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Today we took Drake to see the Eye Doctor.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with his eyes, but based on his medical history, we are being sent to the Retinal Eye Association, for further testing to see what he may actually be seeing.  Cortical Visual Impairment is a broad term, but in Drake's case, it probably means that the communication from the cortical portion of his brain to his eyes is short circuiting.  It is not that he isn't seeing, but he isn't interpreting everything that he is seeing.  Luckily with the Showdrop Program, we have already been addressing this issue, and with his dark room program, we are already seeing improvements with his visual tracking skills. 

Over the past few days Drake has been dealing with a stomach bug, plus his teething has caused this issue to be an even bigger problem.  He has been on pedialyte and was doing well, so we switched him back to PediaSure.  His system did not tolerate the change, so he has been back on pedialyte.  The pediatrician wants us to keep him on the pedialyte and then try soy milk for a week before returning to PediaSure.  

On Thursday, we are going back to the Pediatric Neurologist.  This is always a hard visit, but Dr. So is amazing!  We hope he will see some of the improvements the Developmental Doctor saw recently.  Everyday is a new day with our little man.  We hope to make it home to Tyler on Thursday before the weather deteriorates completely.  We are suppose to come back on Saturday, as I am suppose to run in the White Rock Marathon (my 1st 1/2 marathon), weather permitting.  Let's all pray that this bad weather doesn't get this far south!  

Kennedy is literally running everywhere! We are doing our very best to keep up with her. Brian installed child-proof locks on the cabinets and drawers over the weekend. We thought she would be upset, but she just kept trying them one by one and moving on to the next.

Our house is decorated for Christmas! Luckily, Drake and Kennedy actually napped at the same time over the Thanksgiving holiday for a couple of days, which allowed me some time to decorate. Plus, Brian was able to get lights on the outside of our house, too! The Gilstrap's are officially ready for Christmas!

The smile that melts my heart!!! 

Little does she know that daddy is installing locks on the cabinets...hehe! 

Umm...daddy, I'm still awake. 

Kennedy loves ringing the bells at Gran & Poppy's! Yes, we are germaphobes based on the hand sanitizer in front of her! 

And it was only a matter of time before she discovered the piano! 

Dancing with Jacob this afternoon! Love my sweet nephew!