Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28 afternoon update

Today has gone ok.

Kennedy received her Peripheral Artery Line...they could not get it into her wrist so they had to go into her ankle. Like I mentioned before, this line is better than continuous heel pricks for blood; which is what they would have to do daily without the PAL line. She is on some pain meds to help her as it seems the new line is quite bothersome to her. They have had constant watch over her because her heart rate keeps dropping down from the normal 150-165 range to around 85. They are not sure why this is happening and are closely monitoring the situation. These are the moments where we get so nervous!

Drake...what more can I say. He is being a super trooper today and staying out of trouble. His oxygen levels are in good shape, his PIC line is doing good, and he is getting much needed rest with a full belly of milk. They did turn his phototherapy light off today too, because his levels that put him at risk for jaundice have gone down to normal ranges...sister is not far behind.

Tomorrow, Drake is going to get a PAL line just like his sister.


  1. Such little troopers they are! Babies and parents!! Keep the updates coming- so helpful! Y'all are constantly in our thoughts!
    Jen B

  2. Loving this blog. Many prayers are being said all the time. God bless you, Brian, Kennedy & Drake.
    Your distant cousin Lori

  3. Love the updates!! They are precious and the footprints are adorable! Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers all day everyday!