Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kennedy update 6/26

Kennedy had her PIC procedure running an IV through the vein in her elbow stopping right next to her heart. It went very well. We did go into the procedure with a little more comfort than we had started with this morning. The head nurse came in and really explained the procedure and reassured us that their PIC team was very active and had a lot of experience when it came to babies her size.

Kennedy with here new IV
Drake showing off his new sunglasses


  1. Congrats on the beautiful tiny babies!!! My mom (Noni) sent me this link to follow the little ones. Just wanted to reach out to let you know that your babies are in GREAT hands!!!! My son Wesley was born at Dallas Presby and stayed in the NICU there for 222 days. He was an early 24 weeker. He's almost 4 now, but seeing your pictures brings back so many memories. Please let us know if you need anything as we have been in similar shoes. Dallas will take good care of you and your little miracles. If you get a chance, you can look at Wesley's page to see his progression from the same small beginnings, I would hope it may bring you some comfort to see another baby and the decisions we had to make... www.wesleybyork.blogspot.com Wish you and your family the best!!!!

  2. Yay for a good day! I'm so glad it went well for Kennedy. I know it was tough for you. You will come out of this experience tougher than nails. A lot of my friends get anxiety when they take their kiddos in for their shots. You'll likely be able to handle those routine shots pretty well after this experience.

    So thankful for another day of growth and progress for Kennedy and Drake!

  3. Happy 26 weeks you rascals! - Aunt Meredith and Uncle Aaron

  4. Wonderful news! Love the shades, Drake! You are all in my prayers.
    Linda Clark