Monday, June 25, 2012

Extra prayer for Kennedy

Well it has been a busy morning at the hospital, which has kept us from our daily updates. We are needing extra prayer for little Kennedy. A call came in at midnight that Kennedy, was suffering from pulmonary hemmoraging. Basically her little lungs were filling with blood. This is one of those scares we are so worried about. She is stable, they have increased oxygen, but she is nowhere close to being out of the woods from this episode. We finally got to sit down with a doctor and discuss the possibilities for both Drake and Kennedy. VERY scary times are ahead of us. He said that we need to expect a rocky ride with a lot of possibilities...brain, lungs, heart...all of these things kept coming up and kept adding to the worry that momma and I are experiencing. Only through personal experience, one could truly imagine the emotions we are having to power through. Drake is still doing good and is able to eat every 3 hours. Momma got to change his tiny little diaper and take his temperature...something a mother who has not been able to hold her own baby yearns to do. Both are receiving blood transfusions daily to replenish what is lost through testing. More tests today to check bodily functions. I will keep you posted as Kennedy progresses. Please kick up the prayer requests for her during this serious condidtion.


  1. Andrea and Brian, I'm praying for continual blessings and healing and strength and health for your precious new little ones. God is so good and I know He will watch over all of you. Please take good care of yourselves, too, so that you will be able to be strong for your new little bundles of joy. You are so blessed to have them and they are so blessed to have YOU!

    Stephanie Bird

  2. I remember changing C and O's diapers in the NICU. What a joy and privilege that was and it sounds like you see it the same way.

    I thought of you last night when I was putting Carter's diaper on after bathtime. He is so strong and wiggly now that I literally have to pin him down with my legs to keep him still enough to get a diaper on him. Afterwards I am exhausted from muscling that little guy. Someday you too will break a sweat from muscling through a diaper change, and that will be a very good day. :-)