Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday 6/26

We had an eventless night last night! Both babies are doing ok right now. The doctor said he would be weening Drake off the assistance needed through his ventilator and hopefully move him to a C-pap in the next few days. That's exciting...so keep your fingers crossed. The new risky event we have to deal with for today is that I had to give consent for a new IV called PIC (peripheral intravenous catheter). The IV they have now goes through their belly button, but is only supposed to be in short term where the pic can be left in for months. The pic is inserted in a vein in their arm, leg, or head and runs all the way through the vein to the heart. Like anything else, there are risks...the biggest ones are infection and making sure placement is correct. We just need to make sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Some time this afternoon they will be bringing in a special team to perform the procedure on Kennedy. Depending on how long it takes them to complete, will determine when Drake will have his procedure. One of the difficulties we face is that doctors can no longer give their opinion about what we should do. They have to be careful what they say because so many people sue these days. It is hard for us to make these tough decisions because all we hear are the risks associated with the procedures. It would just be helpful if they could tell us what we should do, but we knew this was not going to be easy!


  1. Thank you for the updates. They tell us how to specifically pray for Drake and Kennedy! Please, please know your sweet little family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers! ~Stacy

  2. For some reason my last two comments never showed up on your blog. I'm hoping this one works.

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