Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wed 6/27 am

We had a good night last night. Drakes blood count was a little low, so he is receiving a transfusion now.

During his diaper change they turned off the phototherapy lights and uncovered his eyes. He decided he wanted to see his mommy and daddy for the first time! What beautiful little eyes he has...They look blue, just like his daddy.
Kennedy is remaining stable, her pic line is holding and all levels are still in check.

They have a busy day scheduled today. Drake will get his PIC line after lunch to match his sister's. Then sometime this afternoon, they will do the echo cardiogram to see if the indocin closed the PDA valve in their hearts. We are praying hard that the medicine works and do not have to move to more drastic measures such as surgical closure....FINGERS CROSSED!

Drake and Kennedy truly are our pride and joy!!!


  1. Oh wow! So little, but such huge blessings. We are all praying for them all the time!

  2. What beautiful babies!!! Praying for you guys!! Oh, this is your cousin Lori. Keep it everyday.

  3. Hi cousin Lori! Start rallying your prayer troops...