Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well we officially have started day 2 of Drake and Kennedy's journey in this world. Momma is doing great, we are waiting for the doctor to release her...then we are off to Dallas. Drake was born at 2:32am 6/23/2012 and Kennedy followed 1 minute later. Drake was 1# 11 oz and Kennedy 1# 9oz. They entered this world only after a short 25wks 3 days. It will not be an easy roller coaster ride over the coming months, but their momma and daddy are tough and I know they are fighters too! Both are currently being weened off of their ventilators and will start phototherapy today, which is common at this stage to help combat jaundice. They are currently on a 1 CC diet of milk every 3 hours and will continue this regimen as they are both handling it well. Stay tuned, we will provide routine updates including pictures and information chronolizing their long journey.


  1. We can't wait for pictures of those sweet babies! Love you guys - lots of love and prayers for the whole Gilstrap family! Joe & Eleni

  2. Welcome to this world Drake and Kennedy. We have been waiting for you!