Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29 Day 6

Last night was pretty event-less but a few things of concern. Drake did rest through the night...unfortunately, his blood count was right on the threshold of low so he is receiving another blood transfusion right now. After running a gas report it came back that his CO2 levels were pretty high so they had to increase his ventilator settings.  Doctor says his blood pressure is indicating a significant possibility the PDA valve in the heart is not closing. He wants to monitor today and do another echo to determine if another round of indocin is necessary. Our goal today: Wean him down on ventilator settings. Keep his mean blood pressure up. May do the PAL (peripheral arterial line) insertion after 10:00am.   Kennedy had a few more heart rate episodes but they decided to put her onto her stomach...she looked so happy when they did that. She didn't have another drop until they put her back on her side; unfortunately they had to because her chest X-ray still showed some cloudiness in the lungs and they need her on her side to free up less restriction to air movement.  Her PAL line is beginning to leak around the dressing and the doctor may want to do another procedure to move it to the other leg.  It is another scary moment because we only have one more shot at it if he wants to move it. Our goal today: get her PAL situated, wean her down on oxygen from where they raised it last night due to her heart rate issues. On a brighter note, Kennedy and Drake are both receiving milk every 3 hours as opposed to every 6 like before.


  1. This post was really difficult for me to read. This process is incredibly tough. I'm so sorry you're going through it. I wish I could fast forward to the day that you take them home. Unfortunately you have to go through days like this in order to get to that day.

    Praying for their health, comfort, and growth.


  2. Thank you Sarah, it is definitely the most emotionally challenging experience Annie and I have ever had to endure. We are staying strong for each other to lift these little babies up. There is no way we could make it through this if it weren't for family and friends like yourself!