Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spoiling Time

Hello Friends, it's Gran (or NaNa as Kennedy & Jacob are beginning to call me).  We never know what they will decide once the sounds and words become clear.  

Poppy and I have the twins while Andrea and Brian are away for a little trip.  They left Saturday very early.  Once the babies woke, our day truly began.  Saturday and Sunday were spent feeding, changing, napping, anything they needed.  Monday we were happy to see Nurse Lisa come in to help out.  She was here and able to observe as Kennedy began climbing the stairs.  She was so proud of herself.  That little girl is everywhere now!!  Look out world--she doesn't miss anything!!

Today Poppy had to go back to work, and Lisa and I have had our hands full.  We even had cousin Jacob here this afternoon.  He and Kennedy certainly know what to do with all the toys.  Their favorite thing is to be sure they have all the toys in the floor so they won't miss playing with anything!  They are finally beginning to catch on to playing together rather than always wanting to fight over the same toy.  Also, they both want to climb the stairs as much as possible.  What busy little people!

We have actually only had 1 disaster.  Drake has been doing so well with his bottles that we only use the feeding tube during the night.  So I set everything up at bedtime, as usual.   About 4:30 a.m., the signal sounded that his feed had finished.  When I went in, there was PediaSure everywhere.  Somehow, during the night, a little side plug on the connector had come open.   The bed was soaked, Drake's clothing was soaked, and he was fast asleep.  Well, in the process of cleaning him, changing him, changing the bed, etc., he did wake up.  So, he slept the rest of the night in bed with me.

We have one more day, and mommy and daddy will be home tomorrow evening.  We have been sending pictures, videos and have utilized facetime.   Drake has an appointment on Thursday with the pediatric neurologist.   The visits there can be difficult, but he is often impressed with Drake's progress.  We certainly hope that will be the case with this visit.  Sometimes he is in no mood to show off.  Most of the time, Drake only shows us all of the things he is capable of doing when Drake feels like it.

Kennedy also managed tonight at dinner to start saying, "Uh Oh!"  She is changing so much everyday.  


  1. so beautiful tyty nana for giving mom and dad a break they probably needed it

  2. Beautiful little tots! It's nice to follow them as they grow and make progress. Your family is included in my prayers and I appreciate that you continue to share their lives with us.