Friday, September 13, 2013

A Special Outing

 I'm sure it isn't surprising that this has been a busy week for our Gilstrap clan. Honestly, I just had to refer back to my calendar just to refresh my memory of what all we have done this week. 

The results from Drake's blood draw show that everything is fine and his seizure medication is not effecting his kidneys. We really enjoyed meeting with the speech therapist for his evaluation, and she was already impressed with how well he is doing with his bottles. He is an excellent candidate for speech therapy and is scheduled to begin receiving therapy next week. She will be working with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays! 

I LOVE this SMILE!!! It melts my heart! 

This morning Drake's nurse and I took him down to 360 Wrap off of 35S in Dallas for another great Wrap Party! We chose a new design for this wrap that is black. Gran was not a fan of the skull & crossbones on the back, but I told her it's his pirate look. It shows his tough side. The people at 360 Wrap were beyond helpful by offering a quiet back room for us to feed Drake; he was not interested in taking his bottle with the noises in the big room. If Drake ever needs any future medical devises, they have also offered to wrap those for us.

Kennedy's big adventure was on Wednesday afternoon when she and I went with Poppy to the farm. This was her first time to see cows and a horse. She didn't know quite what to think. Her eyes were big and bright mixed with bewilderment. Poppy's friendly horse, Blaze, stuck her head over the gate to say hi and be petted. That was a little too close for comfort according to Kennedy. She held me tight and did a little whining. She decided it was ok to watch mommy pet the horse, but she was just going to watch. Once we let her stand on the gate (with mommy assisting) she seemed to feel right at home. Such a fun experience! 

Having fun with Poppy on the farm

She called the cows "daw" just like our dogs.

I think she had fun! 

Drake with is Aunt Mere

Little Miss Busy-Body! 


  1. Beautiful children i look forward every week seeing their progress!

  2. Drake is rocking that pirate look!