Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain, Rain!

I guess if you are stuck at home not feeling well, a rainy day is the best kind. I canceled Drake's regular Friday therapies because he is still not feeling well. We absolutely hate seeing him feel bad. He is still requiring oxygen support and breathing treatments around the clock. I'm thankful that we are meeting his recovery needs at home rather than in a hospital setting. He is getting good sleep here at home; which he did not get last time he was in the hospital. Even during his breathing treatments during the night, he only opens his eyes briefly because of the noise and then falls back asleep. 

We have not been doing his daily routine to the full extent because we know he doesn't feel well, but we also haven't completely slacked off either. He has really impressed us with his head control; especially since he doesn't feel good. He always sounds worse 1st thing in the morning. I guess that is typical of anyone. We are thankful he has not run a temperature during any of this mess. Having bronchopulmonary dysplasia and chronic lung disease from prematurity makes the changing of the seasons hard on a little boy. I already miss how nice summer was to us, from a health standpoint. 

Kennedy enjoyed her 1st spaghetti dinner last night! She loved it! She likes eating anything we are eating. The problem is that we usual eat things that are too spicy for her. We are getting better about pulling some aside for her before we season it too much. 

Still working hard!

Nice head control! :)
1st spaghetti dinner! 

Such a big girl! 

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  1. Poor buddy! I hope he feels better really soon!