Friday, August 30, 2013

Working Hard!

We work very hard to continually challenge Drake and find new ways to help him grow and improve in every way.  Within the next couple of weeks, he will be changing from physical therapy twice a month to twice a week.  He will also be starting speech therapy.  When we learned that his vocal cords were alright, we were told he could benefit from speech therapy in order to hear himself and realize he could mimic those sounds.  We are anxious to see how he will benefit from these two new changes.  One of our favorite things to enjoy now is how he smiles when we kiss him on the checks. It just melts our hearts.

Working on head control & doing great!

Brian and I are taking a much overdue vacation with some of our close friends beginning in the morning.  The babies will be staying with Gran and Poppy.  I'm sure they will be ready for a few days away once we return!  It is always hard to be away from our little ones, but we know they will be in good hands and loved very much. 

 We're going to miss these two!

Here we are about to welcome September, and in one month, we go back into hibernation with our little ones.  RSV Season begins in October.  So do the Synagis shots.  We will be keeping them in and away from anyone who has not had flu shots and TDAP boosters.  With the outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, we realize how easily these diseases can pop up and spread.  Even though our babies are up to date on all their immunization, we just can't be too careful.  Drake's respiratory problems could also reappear far too easily.  We have oxygen on hand, just in case.  We just hope we don't need it.

Kennedy is so busy all the time.  She can sit and play with her toys for long periods of time.   She doesn't like to be held as much.  She wants to be down, playing and on the move.  She crawls everywhere and pulls up and walks around every piece of furniture wherever she might be.  She is a very happy little girl, except when you want her to be still and go to sleep.  Let's just say that she definitely has a stubborn streak...I don't know where she gets it.

May you all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend.  


  1. Look at all that beautiful hair Drake has...I bet sister is jealous. Both are so beautiful.

  2. Have a much deserved few days away. Your little ones certainly will be in good hands and totally loved. I love these pictures. You are so very good about letting us all watch their development. Thank you for that.